What is Fanon?

The word "Fanon" is a slang term and is an abbreviated form of both "Fan-cannon" and "Fan-Fiction". Fanon is properly used as a term that refers to fan-made information and content that is unofficial and entirely non-cannon, unless confirmed by the original authors / owners of the franchise themselves.

What is the Monster Hunter Fanon Wiki?

The Monster Hunter Fanon Wiki is a comprehensive database made by fans of the Monster Hunter Series. This Wiki will contain anything made by fans (from Fan-Art, to Fan-Fiction, to crossovers, and even their very own Cosplay Pictures). A Fan-Fiction can be novels, short stories, poems, etc.

This Wiki shall also provide a free space for Clans. Users can create their very own clan and recruit their own clan members. Clans can be used to talk, organise hunts talk, and share ideas about Monster Hunter. You can fill out a clan by using this page: Clans

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