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Baceus (Burrowing Rock Wyvern) is a brute wyvern that has burrowing capabilities and eats roots. It's colour is dark brown and on it's back it has large lumps that store nutrients if food is scare in the harsh mountains. The most distinguished feature on a baceus is it's tusks though. In it's jaws lie a pair of massive teeth that curve out of it's mouth and are used to dig up roots.

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A baceus after jumping from the depths of the earth

Baceus have remarkably long arms for brute wyverns as do most brute wyverns on the lost continent Hunter's Moon is set on. It seems they have evoloved longer arms to help the dig and burrow better. Baceus are about a metre taller than a man and are very territorial. However, as agressive as they are, baceus are preyed upon by many other monsters. They are even wary of boulavis. It is known that their burrowing capabilities are not only used to find roots but also used as an escape plan. If a baceus thinks it is in 'dangerous waters' it will burrow away.

Attacks: Massive bite; Baceus will rear back then sweep it's jaws down almost scrapping the ground. Like deviljho it may do this several times

180 degree tail swipe; Baceus will swing round catching slow moving hunters offguard.

Arm Swipe; Baceus will swing it's arms just underneath it's neck when hunters are close to it.

Stomp; Baceus will stamp on the ground hopeing to crush whatever is attacking it.

Leap; Baceus will jump a fair distance and land on the hunter, crushing them into a pulp. This is it's strongest attack.

Rock Throw; Baceus will dig it's tusks into the ground, take three quick steps forward, and then chuck a ball of rock at the hunter.

Hip check; Baceus will do the exact the same move that diablos does, slamming it's hips into the hunter.

Burrow leap; Baceus bursts out of the ground cause a large amount of damge before landing safely on ground.

Burrow smash; Baceus will burst slightly out of the ground, hitting the hunter with it's back before tunneling back into the earth.