Blood of the Titans
Description and Information
Clan Name: Blood of the Titans
Current Clan Leader: demonlordraiden (Rahara in-game)
Founded In: June 2nd, 2011
Founded by: demonlordraiden (Rahara in-game)
Games Playing: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (When Released)

  • demonlordraiden (Rahara in-game)
  • No Wiki Username (Jon in-game)


- Joining is a very simple process. All you need to do is E-Mail me (, or Message me on PSN (hirakuthedemon).

- When you Join, add my Account, and any other Members.


- If you didn't know how to play PSP Games Online, I will tell you below :3

- Step 1: Buy/Own a PlayStation 3

- Step 2: Download 'AdHoc Party' from PlayStation Netword

- Step 3: Go Online and Play

For People Without PlayStation 3's

- Option 1: Buy One!

- Option 2: Become an Honorary Member. That means you won't play Online with the Clan, but you will be involved in the Clan Forums, Discussions, Help, etc.