Monster Hunter Boot Camp
Description and Information
Clan Name: Monster Hunter Boot Camp
Current Clan Leader: Alex828x
Founded In: 5/29/11
Founded by: Alex828x
Games Playing: Monster Hunter Tri
  • Alex828x(in game name:Alex)HR54
  • War, HR 438
  • Blade, HR 51
  • repgam, HR 26

Ok.., from what i've seen almost... am not saying every clan but almost every clan requires the hunter to be HR31+ in order to join and then HR50+ for full membership... well some people aren't HR31 yet.... so thats why i created the Monster Hunter Boot Camp!!!!!!.... so hunter (like me!!!) who aren't HR31 yet can join a party with other members of the clan and HR grind to their hearts content or until Campcom tells them to for a short summary this is.... not really a "clan" more like well a boot camp to HR grind

  • No HR limits.. but ment for people under HR31
  • People above HR31 can join to help out the other hunters
  • Any Server
  • If you join prepare to grind your heads off!!!!!!!.... just kidding but try to do more that 1 or 2 missions at a time.
  • ohhh and let me know what you the people think
  • If you are intrested in joining leave a comment below..!!!..