Brotherhood of the Sky
Description and Information
Clan Name: Brotherhood of the Sky
Current Clan Leader: FauxFo
Founded In: 2007
Founded by: FauxFo, DakaFal, Exacutioner
Games Playing: Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Tri (Currently)

FauxFo/UK9WYU - HR82

Bokaru/--- - HR56

Jiro/--- - HR58

Mike/--- - HR56

[Under Construction]

This clan was formed shortly before the closing of the servers for the original Monster Hunter ont he Playstation 2. By the time we'd come up with clan specs, the servers were gone and we lost contact with any other members with the exception of a small few. The two other founders, DakaFal and Exacutioner, do not play Tri so I, FauxFo, am the only active founder left. I will attempt to get a hold of DakaFal to see if he can help with spiffing this thing up a bit with a picture and what have you. But as of now, the clan is currently on a sort of hiatus. We have only four members at the moment and two of them are original members (Bokaru & Jiro (Formerly Valin)).

The way we operated with newcomers was an initiation test. Nothing to crazy but they certainly weren't incredibly easy. For example: On the original Monster Hunter, we would have newcomers take a test in which they would have to solo a low level Khezu with a thunder weapon while any of the three founders were present in the quest. Not so bad, right?

There would be no HR requirement but you must be able to make a beginning fire or thunder weapon. (i.e. Thunderclap, Wyvern Blade "Fire", Bolt Axe, etc.). All of which can be made offline...........