Mushku Monster Hunters
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Description and Information
Clan Name: Mushku Monster Hunters
Current Clan Leader: Shoshy
Founded In: January-Febuary 2011
Founded by: Shoshy and Jurt
Games Playing: MH3, MHU
  • Shoshy, Screen-name: Josh or Shoshy
  • Jurt, Screen-name: Jurt
  • Thomas92x, Screen-name: Thomas
  • Niko, Screen-name Nikoros

Mushku monster hunters was founded between January and Febuary of 2011. So far they only play Monster Hunter tri and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. They have a website where you can ask questions, and get some information. But their welth of knowledge only reaches to MH3 and MHFU. Their website has been inactive for a very long while, but has now just been reactivated at a new URL: