The Warriors of Legend (EU Server)
Clan Emblem-The Warriors of Legend
Description and Information
Clan Name: The Warriors of Legend (EU Server)
Current Clan Leader: Uber.
Founded In: November 18, 2010
Founded by: Uber.
Games Playing: Monster Hunter Tri
  • Uber. In-game name: Uber, HR: 91, ID: 6C3G5Q, Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Leader
  • TigrexJeff. In-game name: Jeff, HR: 37, ID: EZQ16K, Main Weapon: Switch Axe, Position: Clan Co-Leader
  • Plexioth- xD. In-game name: plexioth, HR: 70, ID: 4QT934, Main Weapon: Longsword, Position: 3rd In Command
  • Monster Masher. In-game name: Jacob, HR: 55, ID: PR446G, Main Weapon: Great Sword, Position: Tactics
  • Manic-kid. In-game name: Jamie, HR: 40, ID: KGC12L, Main Weapon: Longsword, Position: Live Bait
  • HummelHunter. In-game name: Hummel, HR 63, ID: 1PWFA8, Main Weapon: Lance, Position: Clan Member
  • Shootfastest. In-game name: Talos, HR: 135, ID XTLPEX, Main Weapon: Depends On Battle, Position: Berserker
  • Escadora. In-game name: corey, HR: 112, ID:HU39KW ,Main Weapon: Great Sword, Position: Clan Member
  • Bombsequalsfun. In-game name: Mathias, HR: 39 ID: U22VNJ, Main Weapon: Longsword, Position: Clan Member
  • Lolliesta. In-game name: liam, HR: 73, ID: L3P3A1, Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Member
  • Orhun97. In-game name: Orhun, HR: 57, ID: EEFRQ8, Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Member
  • Wyvren s. In-game name: wyvren s, HR: 86, ID: U7LMGB, Main Weapon: Any, Position: Clan Member
  • Azura loss. In-game name: rathalos, HR: 50, ID: ATGZXK, Main Weapon: Switch Axe, Position: Clan Member
  • Plesiodrome.In-game name: seely, HR: 61, ID: QH1X59, Main Weapon: Long Sword, Position: Clan Member
  • AWk (A Wiki Contributor). In-game name: Alex, HR: 60, ID: , Main Weapon: Hammer, Position: Clan Member


  • Artemis Paradox. In-game name: Kaede, HR: 300+, ID: , Main Weapon: All, Position: Friend Of The Clan


This clan is for the EU server. If you are in the U.S. server then check out Clan:Lords of the Sea and Sky

Meeting Server

Recruiting, Greed2, City Gate 11. This is where we will hunt together.


HR's are the hrs of the hunters when they joined. We will update if the hunter so desires.