Heaven's Age
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Heaven's Age
Author/s: Xhunter700
First Debut: October 24, 2011
Number of Chapters: 14
Current Status: Ended
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I also Wanted to put music, idea gotten from hummel

R ush by UVERworld

Chance by UVERworld once again

Colors of the Heart by UVERworld again! (because they rock)

That's all for now. (Play Rush in your top fights :3)

This is my latest fanfic so far...

A new character is introduced here but you need to read first (Hint: He's the new main character)

Credit goes to Hummel too for letting me borrow his character for one quest.

The Hunters of Faith

"Akkos village... the newest village stood up in minegarde...." I said as I entered the Akkos Village gate

"Good Morning" A friendly villager greeted.

Beside me stood my best friend Garenn "Wow Shida... I'm glad we came here."

"Yeah me too..'

We quickly met the village chief, a tall man."You two are the new hunters???" the chief said, "Yes Ma'am, i mean sir." I hesitated.

"You two look friendly... what's your name???" "Shida Faith." I said

"Garenn Glade." Garenn said following after. "The guild told me that your coming here... so let's get ya' settled in."

"Thank you sir." I saluted in joy.

"Wow the chief and the villagers here are friendly..." Garenn told me holding my shoulder.

"Yeah not like those in the city... most hunters are boastful." I replied "Well here you go... you have two beds inside this house, come see me later after your comfortable." He said interrupting us.

We got inside, I rested up for a bit then we took a meal... after that, we ran to the chief, sitting in front of his house. "I've got a request for ya, go get my daughter in the forest and protect her from danger while escorting her." the chief said

"Yessir." Garenn and I both said. We ran to the gate and started to find the chief's daughter or any signs of monsters. I was carrying my Giaprey Dual swords and Garenn was carrying his Djinn sword and shield... we were both versatile hunters... both of us just left from Pokke...a cold village... now We were at Akkos... a colder village.

It was damp and foggy at that time of day, so we had a hard time of finding the chief's daughter....

after 3 hours of trekking, we found her, being attacked by an Izaigan: a wolflike Pelagus with a barbed tail.

We Unsheathed our swords and stroke the monster's head, staggering it, but it recovered and ran after the chief's daughter.

"Help me!" She screamed.

I blocked the daughter's body with my own body,making us stumble down

the Izaigan charged at us again, but this time Garenn Sharply slashed it's head.The Izaigan let out a howl then vanished into the woods. A while after I asked the daughter's name, "Segnia." She said with very soothing voice, I looked at her then I nearly fell into a trance, but Garenn slaped me with his shield throwing me to a rock.

Another while after I regained my conciousness we went back to the village chief, he thanked me and paid me a grand total of 3000z. I thanked him and went to sleep with of course, Garenn.

Here Comes the Party!!!

More hunters came at dawn, there were 3 namely:Roliux, Largz, and Miles

"Miles huh... sounds familiar... nah remembering's too much of work." I said

A few hours later Miles approached me...

"Hey Shida." Miles asked


"Let's form a hunting party."

"Sure!!! It sounds like fun."

"Fun huh."

Just at the moment Segnia came,

"Hey guys can I interrupt?" She asked

"Yeah sure why." Miles asked

"I want to join your hunting party, my dad told me I should."

"Sure!!!" I said

Segnia and Miles Joined us and we formed a hunting party.

Garenn came and I told him the news. He accepted with a very happy smile.

"OK so it's settled, but who will be the leader." Miles asked

"You of course!!!!" We said

"Ok then we start our first quest tomorrow, see ya then...

we all went to our houses, before I slept, walked outside seeing Segnia looking sad.

"Segnia... what's the problem?"

"It's just... what if I just get in everybody's way?"

I hugged her, "You won't be getting in nobody's way."

She gave me a peck, then ran to her house.

I went to my own house, As I got inside I saw Garenn sitting upright from his bed, "She Obviously likes you." He said

"Just get to sleep."

"So we shall."


Then we slept...

The Wolf of the Dunes!

The next day, unsurprisingly Miles came and gave us the contract for the quest

I read it, it shocked me as I read it:

"To slay a wolf"

Main quest: Kill the Izaigan


Client: Bard of the forest

"Please get rid of this menace! I was writing a song when it pounces at me! Please kill it so I could write in Peace!"

"Hey Segnia,Garenn... it's the monster that attacked you Segnia!" I said

"So you've seen this monster before... well i'm sure we could kill it easily." Miles said with a happy mood.

"Well let's set out!!!" Miles said

We boarded an airship and it lifted from the cliff, it was a long trip since this Izaigan lived in the desert...

We jumped from the airship and Miles signaled to stay quiet... because he used his Psychoserum while on the airship. "Shida... you lead from here." Miles said. "Okay." A moment later we saw a wolf with a barbed tail."That's the Izaigan, shhh." The wolf sniffed the air a bit and dug about the sand, Miles again tried to use a Psychoserum but quickly got thrown about the Izaigan, Miles quickly got to his feet, the wolf did a 360 spin that made Garenn fly too, I dodged it though. Segnia rained down the arrows which got the wolf to stagger. Miles tried to land a hit with his longsword... but to no avail the wolf did another quick spin.

I laid a barrage of Semi - devil dance hits, the Izaigan reacted with a growl and a backflip. Miles screamed: " He's producing fire!!!! He's igniting his teeth!!!" Garenn jumped slashed the head of the Izaigan, which succesfully hit... but it ignored this damage and let out the menacing fire... Garenn got blown away and left him half dead. I drank a lifepowder so he can be saved from his demise. I tried to lay a forward thrust, It hit but the Izaigan swiped his paw and did a tail whip, my dual swords slipped right out of my hands and impaled the floor. I ran towards my swords, but the Izaigan charged at me, he bit me, and ran with me, but the last second that I was being lifted, I got my dual swords and did a very painful barrage of attacks that made the Izaigan howl in pain... he growled menacingly and roared so loudly that it made us fall back. The Izaigan's eyes turned midnight blue and it became so fast that it attacked all of us in a few seconds. It ran towards Miles with incredible speed, Miles signaled us that he put up a shock trap. "That's the joy of being a team... nobody get's ignored." Garenn shouted. The Izaigan got trapped, we put our Barrel Bombs and released it. The Izaigan fell dead.

I sighed in relief...'"Guess 'll get a new armorset." Segnia smiled sweetly, and Miles and Garenn started laughing. We boarded the airship after I got my carves. Halfway to Akkos, Miles patted me in the back " You are a great comrade... I'm happy for you to be in our hunting party." He said

"Thanks." I replied,he walked back away from me, turned back and said: "And you deserved that Pat in the back." I smiled and looked out seeing Akkos just around the corner As soon as we came back I ran to the blacksmith and forged a new set of Dual Swords and Armorset.

Izaigan S set:



Critical Eye +3


Element Attack Up

Defense - 10

Barbed Fangs

Attack: 176


Fire Attribute: 210

The armorset really Helps my dual swords.

I slept right after that....

As the moon brightens, eyes grow darker

I heard in my head as I drifted to sleep

Dragon Trouble

The next day an already new kind of quest was announced, "Wow already???" Garenn asked

I stood up from my bed and read the quest contract:

"The Land of Ice!!!!"

Main quest: Kill the Lucrios

Client: Village Chief

"Help!!!! A monster attacked us as we villagers were gathering honey!!! Please Help, the monster has a Barioth like Figure but has leathery,small wings in it's tail to help it fly, it also has bigger ears!!!!"

Location: Tundra highlands

"Ready your equipment guys... we're off on a new quest today!!!!" Miles shouted, as I readied my new armorset, Segnia came over... ' I don't now how to say this but... I've been thinking the past few days that I sorta' l-l-lik..."

"Are you guys ready!!!!" Miles interrupted. I readied and left the house, she and Garenn came after. It was just a shortwalk to the Tundra... but a short airship trip to Tundra Highlands...

As soon as we got to the Tundra Highlands, Garenn got thrown off the Airship because of teasing Segnia a while ago, I sighed.

Me and Segnia were the last ones to go down, " Good Luck." I said as I hugged Segnia, she blushed and got hotter (and by hotter i mean warmer...) We soon found the Lucrios sitting atop it's Cold throne with dignity. It flew and we couldn't see it for a while, we must have though it ran but the second Segnia tried to take a step the Lucrios grabbed her. "Help me!" she screamed.

"Segnia!!!!" I screamed in unison "Let's go." Miles told us and I quickly followed. Segnia was brought to it's throne. The Lucrios prepared to bite but Miles set a bounce bomb at the last second, burning the throne and ultimately destryoing it. I catched Segnia, Miles lunged forward his longsword hitting the face continued by 5 more slashes causing one ear to cut off. The Lucrios fell,and Garenn tried to hit it with his Djinn sword but failed because as he was about to land the strike the Lucrios did a break dance like attack and flew up, firing an Ice beam which on impact with anything causes it to be formed to a snowstorm. Me and Segnia got hit and flung up, The Lucrios did a dive bomb towards both of us, but I blocked Segnia's body with mine, just like the one when I first encountered her, I was hit hard by the dive bomb and as soon as it landed another snowstorm begun finally throwing Segnia into a rock wall, and me being impaled with one of the icicles,I felt my body stiffened... as if it was like being a snowman but with stiff veins... you can't move even if you wanted to, I finally slipped from the Icicle and fell to the ground, with the Icicle bloodred stained. "Shida!!!!" Segnia cried. I limply stood up, pulled my Barbed Fangs from the scabbards and there flew a barrage of strikes from my body, the Lucrios tried to limp away, but with a final lunge of my dual swords, it fell, rockstiff, to the ground. I fell my vision failing and soon I heard the same voice and sentence from before my sleep:

As the moon brightens, eyes grow darker.

and I saw a bright moon and finally, everything was blank....

The Dreamer's Awakening

As I woke up, I was in my house, I tried to sit up... but the pain in my stomach hurt so much, "He's awake!!!!!" Segnia cried in joy, Garenn woke up too, startled...

"Are you feeling OK???" Miles asked "I don't know, it still hurts." I replied

"Oh, the local guild healer said you'ed be okay in 3 weeks." Garenn said "I was so worried about you..." Segnia said blushing, I hugged her... and that made her feel better. "And I arranged a travel back to Pokke village, the guild told us that a Kushala Daora was attacking their village, they already retreated." Miles said in vain "No..." I replied "But how aboout the Lucrios??? Is it dead???" I asked "No, It was an Elder Dragon."

Miles answered. "But we got alot of materials to make you a new armorset and dual blades... Segnia a new bow, Miles a new longsword, and me a new Sword and Shield!!!!" Garenn said

"Heh, thanks dude." I chuckled

Lucrios Z set:

Defense: 690


Health +20

Evade up

Evade +1

Attack +20

3 slots

Dual Blades:

Evony and Ivory

Attack: 434

Sharpness: Black (2nd depth)

No slots


Dragon's Curiosity

Attack power: 433

Dragon Element + 460

Coatings: Power coating, Dragon coating, etc... except close range coating

Sword and Shield:

White Lightning

Attack power:345

Affinity + 10

Sharpness: Black (2nd depth)


Frost Claymore

Attack Power: 1340

Element: Ice

No Affinity

Sharpness:Black (1st depth)

"Oh and our reputation has skyrocketed after we repelled that Elder Dragon..." Miles laughed "Hurry up we'll be travelling soon."

One day while I was at bed, Segnia approached me.... "Do you think i'm a threat to the team???? Seeing that you nearly died because you needed to save my life and--" I put my finger upon her lips, "It doesn't matter.... teams work that way,, okay???" I said, after a warm embrace, she let her lips rest against mine, "Good Night."she said in the most soothing voice I ever heard her speak. As soon as she got out of the room I fell to my pillow.

Fight for Freedom!!!!

3 weeks passed and I felt stronger, I quickly leapt to my feet and gathered all my equipment, Miles was about to enter my room when I interrupted him and said, "C'mon stop lazing aroud, we got to go to Pokke!!!!" Miles smiled and we boarded a big luxurious airship, decorated with Rathalos and Rathian hide and scales. "To Pokke, Ho!!!!!" A crewman shouted as we left off a cliff of Akkos. It was one of the longest trips I had in my life... mostly because some Iopreys attacked us as we passed the tower, and a Rathalos almost burned me because it launched a fireball at us... but Segnia aimed true and fired an arrow from her bow to the King's wing letting the Rathalos scream in agony for a while as we made our escape, and finally as we neared Pokke village, a Tigrex tried to KILL us but we took care of that with a flash bomb. We finally descended on Pokke, our old village, "Brings back good times huh, Garenn." I asked "Yeah and always will." He replied gripping his shield. The village chief came: " Please repel or exterminate the Kushala Daora, it used calamities to force us out of our village!!! Please kill it so we could bring back our homes... and most of all, our FREEDOM!!!!" she asked. Miles gave out Zennies to pay for the elder chief's contract and we set off. We were greeted by a young boy,who gave me an Ancient Potion,I thanked him and have him a piece of Malachite ore. He smiled and quickly run off, I smiled too and ran to the mountains. We traversed through the Very chilly weather, all of us ate some hot meat, but it was still cold for some reason... so we drank a couple of Hot drinks and that made us a little warm. when we came out of the very cold cave, it became warm all of the sudden, all of us thought that the Hot drinks and Meat were starting to warm us now... but I was more cautious, I took a couple of light steps further then...


I was hit by an Ice Tunnel attack, I looked up and there was the Kushala, Gracefully hovering above me, Segnia shot a poison coating filled arrow,the Kushala looked to her direction and got hit in the face by the arrow, the Kushala's wind barrier stopped and I attacked the Kushala with my new Dual Swords, all of my blows hit in quick succession, there followed a fast,incoming Shield and bashed the Kushala in the head... now Segnia is blowing in a barrage of Dragon Coating filled arrows. Miles was aiming at the Kushala's side, threw his longsword so hard that it impaled the Kushala itself to the wall,Miles ran towards the now squirming Kushala Daora, got his longsword, dragged it upwards the Kushala's side, jumped then pierced the Elder Dragon's Back. The Kushala Daora stopped moving....

The Reappearance of a Phantom...

Miles pulled his longsword from the Kushala's back... and started sheathing it.. halfway through the scabbard, the Kushala's eyes widened, and swiped it's very sharp talons against Miles, He dodged it and ran towards us, the Kushala stood up and opened it's wings thoroughly, and just as it was going to fire another Icy wind tunnel... the Lucrios bashes to the Kushala Daora and fought with it, the two kept on roaring and growling at each other when finally, the Lucrios flies up and and does a Divebomb, halfway through the divebomb, it fires an Ice ball and explodes in impact with the Kushala, and then soon followed a blizzard beginning divebomb,all 4 of us were hit by the blizzard and explosion,and we were thrown off the mountain range and we rolled down the steep side of the mountain... We landed beside a cave,and we crawled inside...

We heard two roars after that...

The Death of the God of Wind

We were finally safe, I can't believe it!!! We were safe from two elder dragons!!!

"Guess those two are fighting over the mountains..." I said, every one of them were out of breath, I took a sip of my potion and took of my helmet... revealing my low, emo-ish hair... all of us took a rest

a couple of minutes later, there was a loud crash in the snow, beside the cave.

There it was... the dead Kushala Daora... beaten up with bite marks and scratches... the Lucrios landed on the dead body and roared in triumph... It bit the Kushala's neck and flew... "To the Tundra Highlands... I suppose." I said

"Cmon guys... Quest complete!!!" All of us started smiling, As we came back to the village... there was an applause...

"Yay Shida!!!" One praised "Hooray!!!" the other one shouted....

"You have saved us Shida Faith... let us celebrate!!!!!" Village chief shouted, and the Applause got louder with cheering.

"Looks like we did it this time huh, Garenn" I said

"Oh we did it alright." And he started laughing and I started laughing too...

Onwards to Moga Village!!!!

We celebrated all night.... I was tired and slept until late afternoon,I Heard a loud voice: "Wake up... C'mon wake up!!!" I felt a slap and fell out of my bed. "Ow... C'mon you didn't need to do that!!!" I shouted, "Do I???" And I looked up and saw A lady Hunter, in a deep soul Rathalos S, but with Kirin piercing, "Arill!!!" I gasped, "What??? Surprised to see me?" Arill Asked.

Arill was a good childhood friend, both me and Garenn's. She was exceptionally good with hammers. "Hey Shida, surprised?" Garenn asked. "Wow!!! This is really unexpected.... where'd you two get the chance to meet???" I asked "Oh while you were dancing in the crowd I silently crept out and bumped into her." He Answered. "Yeah and he invited me to your hunting party... looks like your not alone sister." Arill said pointing to Segnia, who was fixing her hair. "OK guys we march onwards to Moga Village Later tonight... pack up!!!" Miles Interrupted. "Wow already!?!?" I asked... "Yeah, now, get ready!!! We leave by Boat." Miles told us, we all nodded. Later that night we got to an airship... "You said we were leaving by boat???" I asked, "We are... this airship will us to the harbor, got it???" Miles answered "Yessir!!!!" We all exclaimed.

We reached the harbor, a seemingly peaceful place with water glistening in the moonlight. We left the airship and we entered a big boat filled with errrr... Items, and, Stuff.

"This is one big ship!!!!" Arill said gazing to the side, "Ok kids, this is a trade ship and it's called the Argosy!!!! And i'm it's captain." The captain said. "Y'all should sleep by now since it's a long way from here." And with that note, the horn blew and the boat cruised through the seas beautifully,we took our time before we slept, "Shida... can I sleep with you???" Segnia asked while I was putting my equipment inside the Box. "Oh sure Segnia... here you can have the Bed Sheet..." I answered "Thanks..."

"Man... does She really want me???" I thought to myself as I drifted to sleep.

The next day.... I woke up earlier than the others... so I got out of bed and went to the bow of the ship and overlooked the sea... suddenly there was a greenish dot in the Horizon... my eyes widened "Moga Village!!!!" I shouted, "Land, Ho!!!" The Argosy's captain shouted... Miles looked too... followed by Segnia, Arill, then finally Garenn.

"WooHoo!!!!" Garenn Shouted A few more Hours later we were at Moga Village, a solitary village with almost no connections to the inland if it wasn't for it's hunters and Guild. Miles,Garenn,Arill, and Segnia all went to the village chief. and I just strolled around the woods behind the village, I bumped into a Hunter who was carrying a bow on his back... "Wow A bow... " I said "Yeah a marvel in it's kind." He said. "Oh wait... I forgot to introduce myself... My name is Hummel". He said

"My name is Shida... nice to see you Hummel." I replied with a smile. "Oh Shida follow up on a quest???" Hummel asked, "Sure I look forward to it." I answered.

Hummel-Fall of the Lagiacrus

The Next day I awoke earlier than the others again... I quickly equipped my Armorset and head outside... Hummel was waiting there...

"Ya' ready to take on the Lagiacrus???" Hummel asked, "Ready's my middle name..." I answered and we vanished through the woods.

We trekked through the Deserted Island and we came upon a cliff... "You better hold your breath Shida." Hummel told me,and he jumped off the cliff. I followed and jumped. The Impact on water was as strong as a hammer strike to the face... but the pain quickly vanished and I swam towards Hummel. "Shhh... be quiet." Hummel pointed to a wyvern coiled like a spring, with eyes closed. Hummel directed me to go nearer and he set up a shock trap. He signaled me to strike it, and so I hit it with a barrage of attacks. "Get the hell out of there!!!!" Hummel shouted, I swam towards the shock trap and the Lagiacrus let out a roar, we both had to cover our ears. The Lagiacrus dashed through the water and got caught in the trap. "Attack the tail!!!" Hummel shouted again. "You didn't need to shout, I'm just right besid---"

"NOW!!!!" and I swam as fast as I could to the tail and laid a barrage of attacks that seemed to inflict a massive amount of pain to the Lagiacrus, now Hummel used Large Barrel Bomb + and ignited it with a stone the tail got cut too. The Lagiacrus set out a lightning shock from it's body and we got thunder blight, the Lagiacrus limply swam towards the Leviathan's nest. Hummel shot poison coating filled arrows while the Lagiacrus was fleeing. As soon we got to the Leviathan I hacked and slashed it, as Hummel shot arrows from a distance. The Lagiacrus roared in pain and flung me to the wall, I regained direction and landed on the wall, used the wall as a launcher and I looked at the Lagiacrus' eyes... there was a pause and the Lagiacrus blinked and roared again and it was near it's death,

Instead of launching myself at the Lagiacrus.... I launched myself towards Hummel and we crashed down..... "What are you doing???" Hummel asked stumbling up.

"Oops." I answered then stood over "You could've killed me if it wasn't for you holding your swords backwards." Hummel said. As we faced the Lagiacrus, it's mouth open wide, shells lighting up... " Shida,d-duck." Hummel stammered. We crouched down and a Giant blue orb-like sphere flew past us, and destroyed half of the cave.

Hummel again rapidly shot the lagiacrus

I jumped high,wind flowing through my hair and pointed both my blades towards the mouth, then I lunged hard and cut through the lagiacrus' lower jaw.

The Lagiacrus screamed in horror then fell to the ground.

"Whew we did it."

"Heheh yeah... we did."

Built on a Path

We spent rest of the day resting the next day hummel said goodbye as he was going to leave for Loc Lac, while we were moved to another village.

"Again? Ugh I hate moving." Shida said starting a conversation

"You said it."

"OK guys I got news, we are only able to travel to the new village by foot."

"Great." Garenn said sarcastically "Maybe wel get a prize like a Kushala Skull by walking..."

"Ok no more sarcasm we need to go."

We traversed through the mountain path, it was a really long walk.... by the time we could see the village It was already nightfall.

"Are we there yet?" I asked

"You can already see the village... just a little farther." And as Miles said that... weird, blue things floating in the air. "What are these?" Garenn asked looking in the sky

"Thunderbugs...." Not a major threat.

We walked more... but as we approached the corner towards the village we heard footsteps.

And Arill saw a wolf-like, muscular wyvern walking through the forest...

"How about that one?" Arill pointed, and the wyvern roared loudly.

"MAJOR THREAT... MAJOR,MAJOR THREAT." Miles stammered, then the wolf lunged "RUN!" I shouted.

And we ran through th forest and arrived at the village.

"Ahhhh, you must be the new hunters."

"Yes Ma'am" Shida stammered, still shaking from the encounter.

"Alright then, to get you started go hunt this..." The Chief pulled out a contract "It's called an Aoashira, it mainly eats honey, though be careful, it has very strong arms and can run fast."

"Alright, we'll be careful." Miles got the contract and we headed for the mountain stream. The Mountain Stream was really unfamiliar to us, but really beautiful.I hugged the trees, with a small bark poking me, "Ouch!" I jumped but that didn't hurt....

Any way we continued to find the Aoashira and found it eating honey, enjoying it's meal. "Yeah Keep on eating, that will be your resting place." I smirked and rushed at the Bear with speed, only to get throw back by it's claws, I gripped the ground and stood up, and pointed my swords to the bear who was already running towards me.

I gave a war cry and jumped still pointing my blades towards it's face, I hit my mark, the Aoashira flinched then stood up on it's hind legs,readying it's claws,an arrow pierced through it's brain and fell down writhing in pain. Then finally stopping.

I stood up sternly, "Well that was easy..." I said

"Don't be fooled, they could surprise you." Miles replied, we walked back to the village. We reported back to the village chief. She invited us to a dinner in the guild hall, "As you can see, most of our villagers don't come out of the villge often, that's because of a fanged wyvern, a new type of wyvern species, it's name is Jinouga, it controls and releases electricity... It is also skilled in in moving and has incredible agility, able of Knocking you Out in a flash."

"So,What Do you want us to do?" I asked

"Isn't it obvious?" Segnia butted in.

"We want you to defeat the beast..." She Said

"Okay! Let's Go!"

"Wait!" I stopped, "Jinouga only appears at night... During a full moon."

"I looked back, when is the full moon?"

"It's still in 7 weeks." She replied, "You have plenty of time to hunt more creatures, and ready for the Jinouga."

We finished the dinner and we wen\t home, before we entered the village chief approached me, "Try this quest..." She showed us a quest encountering with the Barioth Subspecies. I thanked her and accepted the contract, then we rested.

We Readied to go to the quest, and we noticed that it was night. "Wow, Time sure goes fast." We then went to airballoon that takes us to the desert.

We found our target,it was looking away from us which was an advantage. We tried to creep closer, But it must have heard us and suddenly vanished... it was dark in color but it vanished...

"Guys... Be careful." Suddenly a Icy, Blue Flame Projectile was fired to us, "Run!" We dived, trying to avoid damage. But as soon as the flame hit the ground, it spread and it hit Garenn. Garenn froze.

"What the---" I ran towards Garenn, "Garenn!"

"Don't! Shida!" another Icy flame Projectile was launched, I dodged the initial projectile but then it spread.

I ran as fast as I could, but as I was nearing Garenn, I froze. "Shida! I Told You!" Miles gripped his hilt and ran towards a black spot on the far edge, Segnia covered him. I struggled to get free. Arill came in, "You forgot me!" She used a thawing agent, we were freed.

I ran towards Miles, "Get Back! It's Behind you!" All of us looked, the Unusually colored Barioth, Dark blue scales and hides, with his webbings being a beautiful black, his tusks being pale, and his eyes glowing red, his eyes pierced our souls. We were stunned at the sight of the beautiful variant of the feral beast.

"That's not the Barioth we're looking for..."

The Swift Phantom of the Night

The Barioth vanished again. It moved so fast that it couldn't be seen.

We readied our weapons, sudden sounds of metal and wood, my heart pounded as I suddenly saw two pairs of red dots on the night sky. I could feel as if the eyes were seeing through my soul... He's judging me, Should he attack me or not?

An Icy, Blue Flame Ball was launched once again from nowhere, but instead of spreading... it made a raging tornado. Ice covered the Midnight Dunes. It landed on the ice. "Everyone! Attack the spikes on it's wings!" Miles Ordered, Everyone followed. All of them damaged the wings, Miles thought everytime it would move on Ice, it would lose it's balance and slip.

But it didn't, All of us regreted doing that, it actually became faster. "Everyone! We need to run and heal!" We retreated, but the Barioth trapped us like poor kelbi. We couldn't go anywhere.

The Barioth kept on strafing, the next move wasn't a strafe though... It used it's crushing claws to attack Miles.

Miles Fell back, but before He could do another move, the Barioth slammed it's spiky tail against Miles which of course made Miles become Unconscious. An arrow hit one of it's beautiful wings, Blood Dripping down, It launched an attack at Segnia.

She ran but the Barioth vanished and attacked Segnia from nowhere, Segnia fainted

"NO! Segnia!" I ran to her, but then Garenn got knocked out too followed by Arill.

"No, Everyone." I faced the monster, it faced me. "You want a Monster! I'll give you a Monster you born Bastard!" I Unleashed my rage by wrestling it, I was no match... It threw me up and opened it's terrible jaws "You Want me you damned Beast? Then Get me!" I got my swords and held them... I held them tightly.

"It all comes down to this moment... WHETHER I DIE OR YOU DIE!!!" I spun around while falling down, holding my weapons adjacent to my body, and it hit the lower and upper jaws multiple times, brutally.

The Barioth was blown away, but it still managed to get up... roared and most of it's body parts lit up Standing out. It vanished again and it hit me from nowhere 5 times, I flew up while the Barioth followed me. It prepared in a divebomb-like Position. It dived towards me... but I threw both my blades and it pierced both of it's eyes.

It crashed down and writhed in pain, I got one of my blades and tried to pierce it's body for the final blow, but the barioth threw me away. "You offer your life in exchange for theirs?" The Barioth spoke to me,

"Of Course not... I Offer Yours" I jumped inhumanly high and pierced it's body.

The Barioth fell and the night faded into morning.

I started to fall to sleep

It was over...

New Acquaintances

I woke up with the sound of a gale, I looked around and saw my comrades still lying on the burning sand...

I looked around once more and saw the second blade of my dual blades embedded on the sand, I trudged towards it and pulled it out. I searched for the other half of my blade, which I remembered I impaled to the Barioth's face, in the sands.

But I couldn't find the Barioth's body nor the other half of my blade.

"Sh-Shida?" A faint voice echoed through the desert,

"Segnia..." I Ran towards her, she got up and hugged me... "What happened?"

"I killed it."

"Yeah, but where's the body?"

"It vanished"

"Well what's gonna happen now?"

"I still killed it," I held up my blade... a dark shimmering plate gleamed through the blade, "And this is the proof."

"So we finished the quest?"

"Of course... I never fail a quest." I Replied

One by one my comrades began to regain consciousness Miles got up the last... revealing him to take most of the damage...

he didn't care and called for a balloon, but it didn't come that early.

Minutes Later, I saw a dark shadow in the winds... another hunter with a longsword.

"Hey, are you lost?" It revealed it's red eyes and it shook it's head.

"Wanna come with us?" I asked again, instead of answering it seemed like it unsheathed it's longsword and charged towards me, sword at ready

I didn't have the strength to try to even dodge out of the way, instead Segnia pushed me out of the way.. taking a full powered sword through her stomach, the blade was so long that the tip of the blade penetrated to the back...

"Segnia!!!" She fell to the ground,the blood stained the sands... She was dead... The shadowy figure continued

to decapitate the whole team... even Miles fell to the ground.

The shadowy figure didn't continue with me, but vanished into the darkness.

I Broke into tears. The wailing echoed through the desert.

Thoughts ran through my head....

What do I do now?

I stopped thinking as the weather balloon finally came, "Alright Hunters Let's go---" The captain stopped.

Silence filled the whole desert as the crew carefully boarded the bodies, the last body was Segnia's who can still speak.

she slowly opened her eyes and said to me: "Shida... Even if I die, I'll always be with you..."

I put my palm on her cheek, "Don't die Segnia..." I said as tears were filling my eyes.

"Don't worry... I don't die--- easily--- I... Lo---." She gave her last breath.

I shouted through the winds... my shout startled even a Diablos

The last thing I could remember was me limply standing on the edge of a cliff... thinking if I would really do this

"Shida..." A faint voice spoke to me. I turned around, "You sure you don't want to join the funeral?"

"Leave me alone."



He ran away, and I turned around once again to see the horizon. Tears were still dripping through my face,

I got my sword...

And I readied to jump,"Don't Shida..." Segnia's voice startled me, I tried to turn around as I fell... she wasn't there.

And I fell and fell, winds trying to push me backwards, but my velocity pushed them away.

I drew closer and closer to the Great Depths... "Ugh!" I hit something... something soft... I opened my eyes and it was a beast

"Ah!" I let go of the monster and fell once more... but the beast caught me again.

It gently landed and I unboarded it.

"What are you doing?" I asked, thinking it was stupid since monsters don't talk, "Saving you..." I flinched

"But you can't talk!"

"Or can I?" I flinched again, "Is this my imagination?" I got my sword which I noticed that I was still holding it."

"Please don't kill me, I mean no harm."He alarmed. I lowered my sword.

"What kind of monster are you?" I asked

"Your kind has not named me yet... and I'm not talking with you with speech... I am talking with you in mind." He replied


"You amuse me child."

"Well I can name you myself and cast you on the elder dragon's species." I said, "I'm pretty good in naming things..."