Hunter's Moon
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Hunter's Moon
Author/s: Portdeck
First Debut: 20/12/2011
Number of Chapters: 1
Current Status: Ongoing
  1. A hunter's moon
  2. New Casualties
  3. A Cure in Progress
  4. Materials
  5. The Storm's Shadow
  6. The Evergoing Quest

Hunter's Moon is set in an old continent of the monster hunter world, untouched and undiscovered by even the most migrational of monsters like Rathian and Rathalos. It has only been ten years since this place was found by man and an amazing first ten years it has been. Culture established, connections created, discoveries made. And a hunting guild formed. Now, as one of the centre points of the hunting community brave new warriors step up to face the challenge of fresh monsters in hopes of fame and glory.

But through the fighting and trade a monster unlike any other emerges. The locals call it bracheon, meaning in their tongue, the storm's shadow. It is a unique pseudo-wyvern in a sense that is uses a new ailment altogether. Venom. Instead of acting like poison in which it slowly reduces health in small amounts, venom takes chunks out of your life. On the bright side it does this infrequently but does (when it reduces your health) cause you to immediately stop in your tracks and flinch. Of course, the reason why this monster is so dangerous is because it is laden with this chemical and there is no known cure...

However, as a huge glowing moon arises into the night sky a prophet predicts a saviour to rid the island of this terrible beast by finding a cure and slaying it. The prophet says on a Hunter's Moon the bracheon will fall at the hand of this sacred hunter and peace will finally be restored. And when the hunter does this he will be given the title Hunter's Moon

Boss Monsters: Torpavis, Sangista, Baceus, Boulavis, Arderim, Ascerdine , Pronavis, Gigorem, Glaven, Ornartum, Frilace, Spedispina, Vivactin, Estuan, Solumo, Bracheon, Aguicarnus (online mode only).

Chapters: A Hunter's Moon, New Casulties, A Cure in Progress, Materials, The Storm's Shadow, The Evergoing Quest

Areas: The Woodland Forest, The Platinous Canyon, The Evergrowing Jungle, The Icy Lakes, The Lava Falls.