Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: LOSAS
Author/s: DA_BEAST
First Debut: March 2, 2011
Number of Chapters: Disputed
Current Status: In Progress

The Story

Notes: There is a tradition among monster hunters. Every time a monster hunter is born, they take on the name of their great grandfather/grandmother. This story tells of a few individuals, fate bringing them together to start anew. (in this story, there is an anonymous narrator. It will not use the word I when not in dialogue.)


As Alex walked into the guild, after coming back from his hunt, he saw a man asleep on the table. But not just any man… This man had been there all day. So he walked over. “Ok, Here we go” as he pulled up the man from his sleep. “Just who do you think you are?” said the man in a groggy, drunken voice. “My name is Alex, come on, we need to get you home so you can rest and come to your senses.” “But I’m fine here. Do you even know who I am?” “No and I am not too sure that I want to.” “I am DA BEAST.” Alex’s eyes flashed instantly. “Former hunter elite. I used to live in Pokke village. I was the best hunter around. But after a herd of Tigrex came through, my friend and I had to fight. I lost my friends in combat. I was forced to flee as I saw my city destroyed. And now you see me here.” “Well DA BEAST, you are going to get better. I’m going to help you.” “But I’m fine, just leave me alone.” “fine!” Alex yelled and quickly let go of DA BEAST. Almost instantly, DA BEAST fell asleep again. But he had to get him home. He knew DA BEAST’s past, and needed to talk to him. Taking the empty bottle of liquor that was next to DA BEAST, he quickly smashed it on DA BEAST’s head and dragged him out to his own house.

    • 1 day later**

“augh, where am I?” said DA BEAST as he woke up. “You are home, and you almost died of alcohol poisoning.” Alex said as he walked in. “You need rest. Doctor’s orders.” “While you rest, I need to tell you something. A story you don’t know. The story of our ancestors. And the wars of the Sea and Sky.”


During the Age of the Dragon Riders, there were three races of men. There were the Keepers of the Earth, the Watchers of the sky, and the Guardians of the Sea. In the beginning, the men were one clan, and eventually separated into 3 based on their preferences. They lived in peace, even communicating and interacting with each other. Each clan had their chieftains. There was Alex, Emperor of the Skies, DA BEAST, King of the Seas, and an unnamed chieftain. The Ruler of the Earth. Every month, the chieftains would meet together along with two representatives. From the nests on the high cliffs of the deserted island, Alex swoops down on his Rathalos, speeding down at an unbelievable speed. Following him on their Qurupecos are his two representatives, Champz and Ben. From the remote sandy plains, this unnamed ruler charges towards the meeting place on his Diablos, followed by his two also unnamed representatives riding their Barroths. From in the underwater caverns of the flooded forest, DA BEAST takes off on his Lagiacrus, following the rivers, with his representatives, Abhi and Tobi riding their Royal Ludroths. Finally, all 3 began to arrive at the meeting place, the tundra. Before each of their travels they had to prepare their monsters for the cold in different ways. From the blistering cold air, Alex on his metal-plated Rathalos swoops down and hits the ground, followed by the Qurupecos. From the cold rivers littered with pieces of ice, the Lagiacrus and Royal Ludroths with their heated Agnaktor armor burst out of the water, DA BEAST and his comrades landing on the snow. From the snow ridden path, the Diablos and barroths burst out from underneath the ice and snow. There they waited. For the ranger. Up on the snow cave on the side of the mountain, a hunter looks down on the riders. Suddenly, the hunter jumps off the cliff and 15 feet before hitting the ground, lands on a Barioth. Alone, the hunter lands and slowly walks towards the others. The hunter anonymously says “shall we begin?” Each monsters roars, and the meeting begins.


The meeting went as normal, sharing news of what happened. However, things started to become conflicting when Alex mentioned they had discovered a new kingly elder dragon of the skies. All of them already knew of Kushala Daora of Pokke, but wondered what could this new one be. Alex explained that with the new push into Yukomu village, they had discovered a new dragon named Amatsumagatsuchi. Having 5 times the power, they admitted they had been working for the last two years to train it and learn to control it. And finally, they had the power to do so. Alex then moved over to his rathalos, and threatened the two clans that he now has the power to control them. However, he was especially threatening DA BEAST when he explains he has the power to freeze the entire seas. At that moment, DA BEAST yells back and his Lagiacrus begins to charge a lightning bolt. Just before it is fired the Rathalos takes off with Alex hanging onto his reins, then pulling himself up as the Lagiacrus misses. In the distance, the Rathalos heads back to its Domain, the Qurupecos following. The Unnamed hunter then decides to head out in search of a beast that can stop this. And he has an idea. As he jumps up on his Diablos along with his representatives, they jump and dive straight into the ground. And a trail of snowy dust is all that is trailing behind them. Then, right before DA BEAST jumps up onto his Lagiacrus the rider grabs his shoulder and turns him around. The Lagiacrus started to charge a lightning bolt at the hunter, but DA BEAST told him to calm down. As the electricity subsided, the rider begins to tell DA BEAST of a legendary beast, fully capable of defeating the new elder dragon Alex had discovered. It lived in a deep underwater cavern, where no man has ever traveled before.


Alex as he was flying home, he was thinking to himself. What am I going to do now? Looks like they took that pretty seriously. We need to prepare for battle. When they reached Rathalos peak, the three men jumped off of their rides, and took the two Qurupecos to the stables, where they most likely have to stay during this war. “Qurupecos just aren’t meant for a battle like this.” Alex said to Ben and Champz. “What do you want us to do with your Rathalos Alex?” asked Ben. “Prepare him for battle. He will see action, but not with us. Head to the stables and tell the men to clean him up and prepare him and the other Rathalos and the Rathians for battle. After you tell them, prepare your azures. I shall take care of mine after I make the announcement.” As they departed he went over to the high peak above his shelter and had the Qurupeco make the battle call. As the fighting villagers heard this, they all ran out to hear the announcement. “My brothers and sisters! You all know of the new elder dragon we have discovered! At tonight’s meeting, I told them of this. I did our plan, and they have taken this more seriously than I thought. We are at war now with the other clans! The men in the stables are currently preparing the Rathalos and Rathians for battle! ARE WE READY TO FIGHT!” Alex yelled. “YEA!!!” all the villagers screamed in unison. “Then we must prepare for battle.” He said calmly as he slowly walked off the high peak down to where he lived. As he went into his small house, he laid out his specialized Rathalos armor, with his silver Long sword, and went into the back of the house. There, he opened the door, and two silver eyes opened.


After learning of what the Rider told him, DA BEAST and his comrades started heading back to the underwater caverns. DA BEAST now knew what he had to do. As they got out of the water, DA BEAST told his comrades “go to the caves. Set up all the Lagiacrus for battle. First, fix up mine. I have a job to do. A secret mission. Then set up the Green Lagiacrus for you two. You are in charge of the battle while I am gone.” He went over to the cavern hall and made an announcement about what happened during the meeting, how they were going to war, and everyone needed to prepare for battle. DA BEAST then went into his room, pulled out his toughest armor, his crimson Lagiacrus set with his crimson volt lance. All he needed was the gun that the mysterious rider gave him, and he would be able to do his job. He walked out in his armor to see his crimson Lagiacrus waiting for him. As he walked up, the Lagiacrus came up and started nuzzling him. “Oh beasty, I have a job we need to do, but you are definitely not going to like it. I raised you since you were an egg, and now, it boils down to this. Our fate is sealed together. IF one of us goes, we are both down and out. For all or nothing.” He said in a calm voice “Are you ready beasty?” he said more intensely. And then his Lagiacrus roared in determination. He quickly ran to it side pulled on its reins, jumped onto its back and they both dove into the waters, headed towards a possible miracle, or a possible demise.

    • 8 hours later**

All of the men and women got on their toughest armor of all varieties, picked up their various weapons, and headed out to the docks. One by one the cave doors opened, letting a Lagiacrus out next to the docks, where its specific rider would jump on and head over to the beach. In the end, there was an army of over 300 riders with their weapons. With the two Representatives on their heavily armored battle Lagiacrus. They all in unison yelled a battle cry as they turned around and dove into the water, preparing to meet at the deserted island for battle.

    • meanwhile**

As DA BEAST and his Lagiacrus entered the ruins, he looked up into a very tiny skylight. In the back, was an enormous 2 horned elder dragon. It had six glowing spots on its neck and was asleep. As he got closer, DA BEAST brought up the tiny pistol, aimed it at the elder dragon, and said “hello, Ceadeus.” The second that name was heard, the monster opened its eyes, unfolded and whirled around, about to roar, when the shot was fired.


As Alex went further into the cave, the Silver Rathalos that had been born the same moment Alex had raised its head and yawned. Alex cooed as he went into the corner and brought the saddle with him towards his Rathalos. “We’ve got to prepare for war all right buddy? It will not be easy, but it must be done. We have a difficult situation. You and I need to head out to the sky vault and get our dragon ready. Let’s go.” Alex said as he finished tying up the saddle. He quickly jumped up onto it as the doors on the opposite side of the cavern opened up. Blinded at first by seeing the light for the first times in months, his Rathalos became accustomed. It stretched out its wings, testing them. And in one split second, it crouched and pushed off the ground with such tremendous force, Alex nearly fell of it. Speeding towards the sky vault, Alex began to think whether this battle is a mistake. Eventually forgetting the idea, he hopped onto the raised platform on the mountain, and went inside the caves. Pulling out a small pistol, he shot the elder dragon before it could react, chained up against the walls. Tranquilized and unconscious, Alex went over and released it from the chains. Many years ago, Alex learned a trick from the mysterious Barioth hunter where a hunter can meld his mind with those of other monsters. So far, only three know of this technique. The hunter, Alex, and DA BEAST, though Alex was unaware DA BEAST knew of this skill. The Earth ruler had decided to not use it when offered the opportunity to learn, seeing that he shall control monsters by brute force before making them submit to him. A cruel way to master monsters, but it did work, so the Barioth hunter did not question his abilities. Alex had only performed this technique once, and under the instruction of the hunter. That is why Alex and his Rathalos are so close. As it was tranquilized, Alex put his palm against the forehead of the elder dragon, closed his eyes and focused. Alex finally start to feel power flowing from the dragon into him, when suddenly he was shot back from the dragon by pure energy. Clutching his forehead with his eyes still closed, he wondered what happened. And the second his eyes opened, those of the Elder dragon did as well. The melding was complete.

    • meanwhile**

As Champz and Ben finished working with the Rathalos and Rathians, preparing them for battle, the other hunters suited up with their armor and weapons and hopped on to their respective mounts. As each one was mounted, they would push off the ground and hover onto high tree, where each hunter had their own limb to perch on before a battle began. “Ride with me my fellow hunters!” Ben yelled. “To death and glory we are swooping into. Many will die, but we also shall succeed! WILL YOU RIDE WITH ME!” As each hunter yelled in agreement, so did the monsters roar a battle cry. As they all took to the skies, they soared silently, waiting for the approach of the Guardians of the Sea. But as they pushed off of high tree, an enormous shadow came over them. And every hunter stared up in disbelief.


As Alex came down on his silver rathalos to meet up with Champz and Ben along with the rest of his clan, the shadow passed over them, hiding among the clouds. From down below, they saw what they were looking for. Battle spikes were sticking out of the water, surfacing and resurfacing like dolphins. And in great numbers. Using the newly discovered technique of armor having skills, he had learned to use auto vision. Sensing each individual rathalos up there, he knew they were waiting for them. Besides that, all he saw were clouds. He wondered if they really did have an elder dragon. The war would be pointless if they didn’t, but Alex doesn’t know of their secret surprise. Underwater, DA BEAST made a signal with his hand and each lagiacrus came up one last time and dove into the depths where they couldn’t be seen. One of his comrades, Abhi, used a gun to fire smoke bombs onto the beach, so their presence could be hidden. Slowly, in a massed group, the Lagiacrus walked onto the beach. As DA BEAST pointed out where the Rathalos were, every Lagiacrus in the army charged up their back spikes and prepared lightning bolts. DA BEAST lifted his arm in the air, and lowered it quickly yelling “FIRE!!” Each Lagiacrus shot their bolts, and from the sky, three Rathalos and two Rathians fell out of the sky, hitting the side of the cliffs and falling to their demise. From deep in the clouds, A thundering roar bellowed through the deserted island. And that was when DA BEAST realized, not all those shapes up there were clouds. The second that Alex heard DA BEAST yell, followed by the lightning bolts fired up, hitting hunters, he yelled to his fellow hunters to assume a formation, and they all swooped together downwards, towards the direction of the lightning bolts. Alex felt a rush of pain go through his head as the elder dragon roared after being hit by several lightning bolts. As they turned around, Alex issued a command, and every single wyvern in their fleet shot a fire ball directly back at the Sea hunters. DA BEAST was surprised at how quickly they returned fire, and three Lagiacrus were shot down before he even realized what was happening. “STAND YOUR GROUND!” He yelled as his Leviathan fired another shot, barely missing Alex. As the smoke cleared, the sea hunters could see the sky hunters closing in on them, fire and lightning being shot in every direction. And behind him, one of the most enormous creatures he had ever seen was preparing to attack. As it reared back, a flash appeared from its mouth. “TAKE COVER!” DA BEAST yelled. And just then, one of his fellow hunters was struck down by a highly concentrated water beam that pierced right through his armor. DA BEAST knew he had to stop it. Focusing and closing his eyes in the middle of the battle, he concentrated on his elder dragon. Alex was pleased at the awesome power of this elder dragon. However, as he looked down, he saw six lights coming from the water. He had never heard about nor seen anything like this. And then he realized DA BEAST came prepared for battle. Just then, an enormous dragon with two horns and a huge beard emerged from the water, looked directly at the elder dragon and fired an enormous tornado of water, hitting the dragon in the side. As it tumbled in the air and fell in the water, Alex was afraid he may have already lost. However, suddenly, DA BEAST and his Lagiacrus, and Alex and his Rathalos had an immense pain in their head and flew back. Pure energy surged through DA BEAST as he flew back and slammed into a Cliffside, and Alex was sent backwards, somersaulting into the water. As they both recovered, they realized their connection had been severed as the dragons grew angry. They fought for a few minutes before realizing they were equally matched and both dragons split from each other, and fled to their homes. Awestruck, DA BEAST and Alex looked at each other and became angry at these losses. They both took out their weapons, and looked into each other’s eyes, until they heard the screams of pain and agony. They looked around and realized that surrounding them were thunderbolts flying everywhere and Fireballs raining down on all the hunters. Many hunters had decided to take out their weapons, leaving their monsters to fight themselves, monster vs monster and hunter vs hunter. There were many dead wyverns and hunters lying on the beach, some locked in an embrace, their loving companionship never ending even after death. In the distance, Tobi was lying on the ground, mourning over his Green Lagiacrus that had been blasted by a nearby Rathalos, and an Azure Rathalos was nuzzling Champz who had been shot by an enemy bowgun. Next to them, Abhi and Ben were fighting on their monsters with their weapons drawn; a horrific and epic battle ensued. All this pain and suffering made Alex and DA BEAST realize how stupid this fight really was. “What was the point of all of this?” DA BEAST asked Alex. “This was not supposed to happen. I just needed to threaten you guys, because a lot of our resources were running low, and we needed more, so we figured if we scared you away, there would be more for us.” Alex admitted. “Well you should have said so from the beginning. There is something called sharing.” “You are right, we need to call off the war right now.” Both DA BEAST and Alex took out their Hunting flutes and made a call to distract all the hunters and their monsters. As they all turned towards them, Alex said five words, “This thing was an entire…” and he was cut off by something. The ground was shaking.


Apart from the other monsters, DA BEAST could sense something with his armor’s vision. It seemed to be underground, and he couldn’t tell what it was. What was worse, was that he couldn’t tell how many there were. DA BEAST turned quickly to Alex and said “get up. Fly high. Now…” Alex nodded, feeling something similar, and he hopped on his Rathalos. “GET INTO THE WATER!” DA BEAST yelled to his fellow clan mates. All of them started moving and DA BEAST turned around back to Alex. “TO THE SKIES!” He yelled as he held up his longsword. In one big burst of energy, his Silver Rathalos pumped into the air. As he watched his clan fly high up to the peaks, he looked down to DA BEAST. They made eye contact, nodded, and DA BEAST turned around to head into the water. The very second he turned his back, the ground shook violently and a Diablos sprung from the earth, tackling DA BEAST and his Lagiacrus, the hunter. The Diablos had stabbed the Lagiacrus in the side as they went flying back. The Diablos closed in on DA BEAST as he had been crushed underneath his Lagiacrus, now weak and struggling for survival. Alex saw as the Diablos closed in, that there was an Earth Rider on the Diablos. Extremely angry, Alex had his Silver Rathalos pump higher into the sky. Once he had climbed into the clouds, Alex turned his Rathalos and it started to dive at an incredibly fast speed. As the Diablos put its foot on the neck of the Lagiacrus and the hunter held his lance to DA BEAST’s neck as he tried to struggle away, reaching for his lance, a giant shadow passed over them. The Diablos, intent on killing the Lagiacrus was unfazed, but the hunter looked up. The second he saw the glint of silver heading towards them, he yelled, and pulled the Diablos away getting ready to run. Alex’s Rathalos pulled up at the last second, grabbing the Diablos’ horns with his two feet. Using its immense power and the training it had over gone, it flew high and began to spin in a circle as the Diablos and its hunter flew around. And in one swift movement, he fired the Diablos down into the side of a mountain. The Diablos lay motionless, its hunter crushed underneath it. Slowly as the ground rumbled, more and more Diablos started to emerge from the earth. Both of the hunters called with their hunting flutes, and the Guardians of the Sea and the Warriors of the Sky came back to the beach. An enormous battalion of Diablos stood in front of the two insignificant hunters. From the ground erupted a white Monoblos, followed by two black Diablos. “You know Alex and DA BEAST, I have always wondered what it would feel like if I really took my title seriously. Ruler, of the EARTH. I shouldn’t only be limited to the ground, I should get the whole world at my fingertips. Which is what I’m going to do.” The king said. Just as the king was about to charge the pinned DA BEAST, Alex came from the sky out of nowhere, landing in between the two, shooting an enormous wall of fire at the king. “It’s over. The dragons have fled, there is no way of controlling them.” Alex yelled to him. “I know that already Alex, and that was my plan from the second you mentioned it at the meeting. Behold the creatures that will end the reign of the three clans, and begin the new order under my rule!” The king yells as he raises his hands in the air.


From all around, everything began to move. The Sea Guardians began to reemerge from the water, going to fight for their clan, followed by the Sky Warriors, who flew down and hovered before the great army. From behind the king, a rock began to stir, and a Gravios emerged from underneath the ground. But not any ordinary Gravios, the largest Gravios these hunters had ever seen. It was at least one and a half times that of a normal one. Then, what seemed like a hill began to vibrate, as it slowly lifted up from the ground. The legendary Doboruberuku, stood up and turned towards them, and created a thunderous roar that echoed throughout the island. Finally DA BEAST managed to get up from underneath his Lagiacrus, and one of Alex’s warriors had their Rathalos pick it up and move it into the water, where it could swim away and recover before returning to the battle. Thinking quickly, Abhi pulled out his gun and fired many volleys of smoke bombs. In one swift movement, the guardians of the sea and the warriors of the sky assumed their battle formations. The Lagiacrus started firing volleys of thunderbolts at the Diablos, and the Rathalos started firing an onslaught of fireballs. Led by Abhi and Ben, The two forces joined together and joined the battle. Quickly Ben and Abhi decided on something, and Ben yelled an order to the Warriors of the Sky. Suddenly, the onslaught of projectiles ceased firing. As the smoke cleared, there were no monsters and no hunters to be seen. All the Diablos hunters looked around, stunned at where the projectiles could have come from if there was nothing in the smoke. And one by one in a span of five seconds, individual Diablos were pummeled by falling Lagiacrus. From the sky, Ben had ordered the Sky Warriors to have their Rathalos lift the Lagiacrus from the ground and drop them onto the Diablos where they started fighting in hand to hand combat. The other Diablos that were not pummeled went to attack the Lagiacrus that were harming their brethren, but before they could, a fleet of Rathalos landed on them, also going into hand to hand combat. From above, Ben dropped Abhi onto one of the Black Diablos as the riders were stunned at the sight of this battle, and then Ben took on the other black Diablos. The two riders fighting with their weapons as their monsters clawed and bit at each other. From the other end of the beach, DA BEAST looked ahead and saw the Gravios looking directly at Alex, who had turned to face the Doboruberuku. DA BEAST’s eyes widened as he saw the enormous Gravios rear up its head, and DA BEAST jumped in between the Gravios and Alex, taking on the full blast of pure heat with his shield. The Gravios looked up after the beam triumphantly, until DA BEAST looked up from behind his shield unscathed. The Gravios roared in anger, and DA BEAST charged, beginning their epic battle. Alex seeing this blast, knew DA BEAST was fully capable of handling a Gravios, even one of this size. Pumping into the air, the Silver Rathalos flew above the Doboruberuku, which was slamming hunters with its enormous tail. Taking manners into his own hands, he jumped off his Rathalos directly onto the back of the beast, where he impaled his long sword deep into its back. Wailing in pain, the Doboruberuku slammed into a cliff and crushed Alex. He fell onto the ground, dazed, and nearly fell unconscious from the blow. After seeing this, the Rathalos above started charging a blast of fire that was unheard of from a Rathalos. One that could rival a Gravios. In one split second, the Silver Rathalos shot a beam of highly concentrated pure flames onto the back of the brute, and set it on fire. Then, the Silver Rathalos grabbed onto its head with its feet and started biting and scratching at its face. As the Doboruberuku roared in anger, the king moved over to where he could shoot down the wyvern with one clear shot of his bow, needing to stop the defeat of his brute from happening. As he shot the arrow, a shadow passed by and a black figure shot down from the sky and caught the arrow from midair. As the figure stood up and threw the arrow aside, the hunter took out a pair of dual swords. As the hunter stepped into the light, Kelly stared down the king and said “that Rathalos isn’t your biggest concern. I am.” The king then hopped off of his White Monoblos, threw the bow to the side, and pulled out a sword and shield. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time Kelly.” “Oh I bet you have.” Before either of them made the first move, the king ordered the Monoblos to take care of the silver wyvern and Alex. The second it began to charge, it was tackled to the side and was killed instantly when bitten on the neck by a Barioth. The king stared directly at Kelly and muttered “you will pay for that!” And the king made the first strike.


As DA BEAST charged at the Gravios, hiding behind his shield with his lance full steam ahead, the Gravios lowered down its body, raised its wings, growled and then began to charge at DA BEAST. Approaching each other extremely quickly, DA BEAST knew he only had one shot at this. Otherwise, he’d be a fresh meal for a hungry Basarios. Just before he slammed into the Gravios, he did one swift movement and did a 90 degree turn while sidestepping and drove his spear directly into the Gravios’ leg. The Gravios roared in pain and slid onto the ground. Quickly though, the Gravios writhed about and snapped the lance out of DA BEASTS hand. As it stood up again, the Gravios pulled out the lance, sealed his wound with lava out of his mouth, and turned around to face DA BEAST. DA BEAST saw his precious lance he had had since he had first become a hunter, given to him by his father, crushed in the jaws of the Gravios, right in front of him. At this point, all he had was his shield. Terrified, he went against a wall and hid behind his shield. The Gravois began frothing lava at its mouth and fired a very intensely heated lava beam at DA BEAST. Suffering under the unbearable heat, the Gravios continued the beam as it walked closer and closer to DA BEAST, getting more intense on him by the step. Under his shield, DA BEAST heard a huge thud, and the lava stopped. He looked up, and saw his own crimson Lagiacrus on top of the Gravios, clawing at its body. Getting desperate for survival, The gravios roared and started emitting an explosive red gas, sending the Lagiacrus flying away from its body. As both of the monsters got back onto their legs, the gravios began charging a lava beam, when the Lagiacrus hunched over, and its back spikes began to spark with lightning. The Lagiacrus sprung from the ground, surprising the Gravios at its surprising agility. Tackling the Gravios once again to the ground, it grabbed hold of the Gravios and shocked it with a giant jolt of electricity. During this maneuver, the Gravios rolled over and crushed the Lagiacrus it got up and stood on its chest, pinning it down with its immense weight. The lagiacrus could not summon a lightning ball to fire at the Gravios since its spines had just been crushed by it. The Gravios leaned over at the Lagiacrus’ face, beginning to once again charge a lava beam, when suddenly it flinched on its head, looked over to the right, and roared. Right then, an explosion hit it in the face. It got knocked back, and was stunned, writhing about on the ground. In the distance, Alex had gotten up from the ground, bloodied and bruised, and had shot a cragshot from an extremely light bowgun. From the sky, a Rathalos hunter yelled DA BEAST’s name. As he looked up, in front of him a weapon was falling for him to catch. He started running to where it was going to land. As he came closer to it, he realized it was a gunlance. He instantly had a plan. He came up to the falling weapon, jumped into the air and grabbed it. While in the air, he did a 360 degree spin while swinging the gunlance open over his head, reloading the entire shell capacity. Right before he hit the ground directly in front of the Gravios’ head, he began charging the weapon. Right when he landed, he fired an immense flame he had never experienced before from a gunlance. Making a giant explosion, he flew back, hitting the ground very hard, but still unharmed. As he looked down at the weapon, he couldn’t recognize it. It must have been a creation the Rathalos hunters had created, using Rathalos fire to fuel it. As he ran back to the Gravios, its skull had been cracked, and his entire head and neck was covered in black soot. Finally dead, he rushed back to his fallen Lagiacrus, healed it with some potions quickly, and jumped onto it. Roaring extremely loudly, the Lagiacrus took its leader and savior back into the battle.


As Alex began to come to his senses, he saw his rathalos fighting the Doboruberuku, and he had no idea what he could do, since his sword was on its back and he had nothing with him. He looked around for a weapon and found a few feet away a light bowgun. He had no ammo, but saw that it had three shots of crag s still in it. He was about to fire it at the monster’s head, when he saw from the corner of his eye, what had happened to DA BEAST. His Lagiacrus was being crushed by the Gravios, and was about to be killed because DA BEAST did not have a weapon anymore. The bowgun was so small though, that he had no aiming scope. He had never used this kind of a weapon before. He had to conserve to shots for himself, and knew he had to hit this gravios. From over 200 feet away, he held the revolver-like bowgun in front of him and shot. He didn’t know whether he had hit the beast or not. However, just then, the Gravios turned around to face him and roared. He then saw the explosion from the crag shot, and that was when he knew he had hit his mark. The Gravios fell onto the ground, and was writhing around. He looked up to some of the flying hunters and whistled. One of them looked down, and Alex pointed to DA BEAST and told him to give DA BEAST whatever spare weapon he had. As he turned to face his own battle, he saw his Rathalos was still clawing at the Doboruberuku. Right then, the Rathalos flew off, and the monster began to spin in a wheel, its tail swinging right towards the Rathalos. Hit directly in the chest, the Rathalos slammed against a wall and fell. As the monster continued to spin, Alex became very angry for what it did to his Rathalos, and he shot two crag shots, one into each leg, at the monster. As they exploded, the monster fell over from the momentum it had cause. It slammed into a faraway wall so hard, that it caused a rockslide. The mountain it had slammed into began to collapse, and rocks fell onto the Doboruberuku as it screamed in fear and pain. The screams continued, until the rockslide stopped, and the monster was silent. Bloodied, bruised, exhausted, and in a lot of pain, Alex threw his bowgun on the ground and limped over to the Rathalos. When he finally reached it, he fell over and fell unconscious from the pain…


As Ben’s Rathalos grabbed the horns of the Black Diablos, Ben took his hammer and in one clean move slammed it into the other rider, knocking him off the Diablos. Without a rider, the Diablos began to panic and tried to free itself from the Rathalos’ clutches. Finally it just stopped struggling and Ben ordered his Rathalos to fly into the sky where it could drop the Diablos into the ocean. Suddenly though, the Diablos’ head twitched, and an ear-shattering roar erupted from the Diablos and the Rathalos screamed in agony as Ben clutched his ears and dropped his hammer. The Diablos freed its head and quickly turned around and slammed its tail directly into the Rathalos’ ribcage. Ben and his Rathalos were sent flying into the ground and the Diablos looked at them and closed in.

    • meanwhile**

Abhi’s Lagiacrus fell onto the Diablos’s back, almost crushing the hunter, and bit the Diablos in the back of the Neck. The hunter, half stunned, pulled out his sword and shield and stabbed the dagger into the head spines of the Lagiacrus, and