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Log 1:The ceros grave

I am ceros this is my story. For some reason I have no background information.

No family no brother nothing all I can remember I was being held by the guild as a secret weapon I now hate the guild so I ran away. I have lots of skills blacksmithing, hunting with long sword, and for some odd reason my hand is like a demons red black with claws. Thru my travels away a heard many stories there is a new breed of fatalis and also darkstar is said to be the most talented hunter ever. I wanted to fight this fatalis wondered who darkstar was .thru my travels I found refuge on a small tower but 2 kirin guarded it but there was something off about these kirin .They did not attack me and did not seem like a treat they sorta liked me I stayed with them for a few days they treated me like family. I must have gone crazy I heard a kirin talk weird right I took my things with me now well rested I left I will never forget them. As I left the tower I felt something big and smelly. Over head was *gulp* a yama tsunami a had to run back and alert the kirin. Running as fast as I could behind me I saw a 3-man group of hunters. Buy equipment one was a long sword user g-rank, bowgun user low-rank, and a great sword user semi g-rank. I stopped and said “hey what are you doing on this tower I thought it was not mapped yet all at once they said “killing a yama” me thinking “good all I have to do is alert the kirin” so I continued running. Me yelling “hey kirin pals run a yama is coming” they simply looked at me and winked then they hopped away. With my friends safe I went to see if the hunters were ok =_= it was terrible. I looked and saw a sword split in half the bow gun user being carried by the kitty cart of shame and the great sword user throwing sleep bombs. Me thinking to myself “what a bunch of noobs tsk tsk”. so then I rushed in with my mercy blade zoid (element unholy : 1600, sharpness black.) and my zero’s armor. I then got sucked into his mouth and then I cut it’s tongue out. He cried like a girl then I sliced it’s tentacle off with quick precision what a weak beast. He was bleeding out and then he fell to the ground. With the yama dead I helped the hunters back up I said “you ok” they said all at once “who are you” I said “don’t tell the guild I am ceros grave” please don’t tell the guild or I will kill you. Me making them keep their promises left to go on to find a town any found be fine I needed a bath and some water quick. Log 1 away from guild complete. Here is what I say to the guild from ceros if they find this hahahahahahah








..\................. /........\................../


......\.............\.........../................ hahahahhahahhhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaahaahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahps sincerely from ceros grave for holding me against my will.

Log 2: no longer lonely.

As I made my way to the town many weird things started to happen. A hunter in gray blangonga armor and with a blue gravios bazooka came swinging from a rope and kicked me in the face. Then the hunter gracefully landed. I shouted “what the hell was that for you bastard”

The hunter responded in a girl voice“I did not mean to hurt you that I didn’t please do be mean to me that you shouldn’t. I was very shocked that it was a girl also by the pain in my face so I continued walking the hunter then threw I rock at me I quickly turned around and spilt it in half. She said “good skills that you have.” I said nothing and continued to walk the girl hunter continued to follow. After 10 minutes she took off her blangonga mask she was gorgeous with beautiful dark skin like mine but she still angered me and then she sai ”my name is toki pleased to meet you that I am.” I did not respond and continued walking. Toki said “you should give me your name that you should.” I responded angrily “ceros now leave me alone toki.” She said “I do not intend to make you mad that I don’t I would like to be your companion that I would.” I responded why would you want to be some random hunters friend.” Toki said “I have nowhere else to go that I don’t could you please take me in if you would I also see that your strong that I do.” For the simple fact that I have no friends ( at the moment =_=.) I let her stay with me we then made are way to orochi village (note: village worships the great white snake) I then signed us into the sliver narga hotel. I really don’t like spending money so we slept in one single bed with everything done we went to sleep me wondering how good is toki in a fight. In the mist of my thoughts toki curled up nest to me and said “xion you are great that you are.” Aw how cute just as annoying in her dreams. Tomorrow I will search for that fatalis so I went to sleep waiting for the next day. Log 2 complete toki is a good girl but really annoying (I wonder who xion is.)

Log 3: the great snake orochi

New day ahhhhhhh great I brushed my teeth took bath put on my paladin x armor grabbed my cloud vajra longsword ap 1500 element wind and devil maker switch axe ap 1400 element unholy and fire and left toki in the room. Time for hunting as I went to the guild hall people looked at me with with displeasure was it my demon arm or my weapons. I went to the crafter to see if he could improve my blade he said “get me some legendary white snake parts and ill improve it.” At that moment the whole village seemed to laugh and gasp 0.o me thinking “what the hell is a legendary white serpent.” I went back home woke up toki then me and her went to the guild hall. I asked for a legendary white serpent quest party of 2. Guild lady said “are you sure” I said “yeah.” A crazy looking hunter said “the white serpent is our savior and destroyer no way some new hunter is going to kill him your just a fool.” Me and toki left on to castle bludrut. It took quite some time I hate walking and then I saw it the white serpent big as a fatalis he had been eating black barroth whole. Toki looking scared as hell said “maybe we should go back that we should” me with long sword in one hand and switch in other hand said “what!!??!! this thing shall fall by my blades.” Toki got ready with her blue gravios bazooka and gray blangonga armor said “lets get started that we should” I rushed hacking at the serpents tail it had some tough skin even with my black sharpness (new sharpness created with zoid metal that I crafted 5 levels higher than purple.) toki with her ultra rapid fire launched crags at is head. The white serpent was angry it had one eye gone it then shed its skin all it’s marks were gone? Then it swallowed me. Damn now I was stuck then yet another weird thing had happened my demon arm started to glow and it acted on its own it began hacking on its inside’s. My hand easily sliced thru its insides toki still firing said “you ate my friend that you did now you will pay that you will!!!” I then escaped. The white serpent said to me “quite impressive to have damaged me but now you will suffer.” Me thinking “so a god monster that can talk this is weird.” It then shed its skin and tried to eat toki. Toki then fired a ultra sleep grenade level 10 out and put it to sleep. Toki must be crazy because she then went insides its mouth and cragged the heart of it to death. Before it died it said this “ I never die you ignorant humans.” it then died in a bloody manner White serpent down toki may not be such I burden after all. Me using my demon arm because I now can fully use it lugged the whole body back for rewards mission complete. I returned to the guild and the whole town was shocked they then bowed in respect I was anger that they doubted me I now had 150 of each of its material I even brought some of it’s the skin it shed back. I went to the crafter and I now have my new switch axe (Orochi’s will) and long sword (breath of the snake) and armor whole set is called white serpent legend armor. I don’t like skills bit this armor had many sharpness + 2, affinity + 10, super speed, very lucky ,guts . Hunger halved, and the last skill allowed me to control and summon snakes. Best armor ever. But I didn’t forget about toki she was the town hero she killed the snake her new gun (fury of the serpent god). And her new gunner armor skills are mega rapid fire, unlimited ammo, affinity + 10, she could also summon snakes, and her last skill was mega felyne heroics. Today was good the village elders treated to a meal (we ate like savages) then we went to bed. Log 3 complete my dream was scary I was all bloody and being choked and a guy in white hair said you will never reach me then I died. So weird.

Log 4: the new hybrid

Next day. I was wondering should I leave or stay so many new creatures and so little time I wonder. Today we were invited to a special paladin meeting at the town reason we where now like heroes I like this place because it had no guild that knew me. At the paladin meeting they talked about a new breed of wyvern. I was thinking “there is no such thing probably a misunderstanding has to be.” They decided to send 3 groups of 2 hunters (total 6) out to search. I went with toki we took our new armor and weapons then left we searched for 6 hours until I faint hum that sounded like a yian kut-ku fused with a barroth was heard. I rushed to the sound my eyes could not stand what I saw. It was a 2 headed rathian with inside out skin with a twisted body could this be the creature. I was terrified not knowing what to do I sliced it. My blade easily sliced thru it the beast died but something was not right. So i kicked it it then burst into flames it then turned into a creature with the head of a blangonga but body of an barroth .Toki then said “this is strange that it is” then she launched a barrage of crags at it then I sliced the living hell out of it. It then it was angry (this is one strong beast it survived our attacks it should be dead with our new skills.) then it rolled into ball and bummed rushed us. We fell to the ground and then we got mad. We both let out a barrage of snakes and then the beast fell. I said “what a awkward beast it must be a crossbred lets lug this back to the guild hall”. Toki responded “okay lug creature that we shall”. She then hopped on my back and said “mush” so I then well began to mush we arrived back to the guild and let them deal with this creature. Me and toki went home and practiced our skills by the end of the day we could summon bigger snakes and change our swords element to any one we wanted we could not change to all elements at once only three at a time. Toki fell asleep saying “xion my hero that you are” I then fell asleep waiting for the next day.

Log 5: red snake of hell

When I woke up I had a weird feeling my demon arm was acting up and it had spread to my legs and other arm what does this mean all I knew is that I looked kick-ass. Toki woke up with snake like scales and snake like eyes she said” I look great that I do” I did not deny it so we left. Thru are time in the village we have completed many quest but a 20 star urgent came in (the white snake god was 15 stars) what does this mean. Quest detail: client: gay fat man: it was red it had many heads it was a snake like beast it ate a white deviljho whole it’s the the king of hell xicoras. Slay one xicoras. What the heck is a xicoras we accepted the quest got are gear grabbed 50 potions 15 mega juices and last 10 max potions each with are snake equipment then set out to ulras fort. After a 3 hour trip we arrived I could not believe my eyes it was as big as a Lao with 10 heads. We were scared but we did not hesitate toki launched lots of crags lvl 5 into each of its heads. I hacked and slashed ate its foot. But it only jolted a little. It then said “you annoying humans killed orochi what a laugh you will not buy pass me so easily.” I responded “oh so your orochi’s bro just as ugly as him to.” It then hurled gigantic balls of fire at us toki ran and I blocked toki then jumped on its back and I cut off a foot with hyper slicing shot. Toki began summoning millions of snakes from her mouth and the snakes covered its entire body and exploded. All I could was watch in awe and continue hacking onto its legs. It began to hit the ground my body started going crazy my demon parts acted on their own slicing of each head. But then one big head grew in the many heads place. It spoke saying” my life draws close to an end you are very great ceros as a reward you will join me in the next life.” He then burst into an enormous flame toki was still on his back but quickly she summoned a snake shield I ran like hell. Toki in relief saying ”that was one close match that it was.” We returned home we salvaged what we could from the mighty red snake 50 lava fiend scales, some white deviljho parts ( it was eating a white jho.) and 25 inferno shells with 8 red snake heads her face still snake morphed I asked” hey toki who is xion I heard you talk about him in your sleep who is he.” Toki responded“he died in the akira sage war he protected 12 years ago and fed me and hid me away from enemies he was truly great that he was.” me thinking to myself “why does xion sound so familiar I have heard that name before but from where. We returned home to be greeted with praise with our materials we got only some new weapons for we did not need armor we obtained the kiske switch axe fused with my orochis will and breathe of the snake to make Vishnu arc gunsword. Toki made red devils duke fused with her fury of the serpent god to make queen shivas destruction with our new ultimate weapons we took the rest of the materials back home went in the hot springs together got out then went to sleep. My dream was people ran saying” he going to kill us all.” It was not me but the man who was in my last dream who choked me he was shooting villagers while a girl was on his back it was a nightmare. I wait for the next day till tomorrows quest hunt to live and live for the hunt.

Log 6: Xion???

Today was like any other day but toki was still looking snake like. It was very strange to but I lived with it. Since we were now town heroes he had taken out most of the ultra hybrid monsters that had popped up lately. Then a report came in about a white haired man with unholy wind element switch axe killing hunters. I thought to myself “A man killing hunters sounds easy enough why is toki so happy about deaths see was smiling very hard.” we accepted the guild quest lvl 10 and left. Toki kept repeating to herself “it is him that it is.” For once see was more annoying than normal. We had arrived to a trail of killed red narga and a head of a blue alatreon. Me thinking “some good hunter killing all these creatures got pwned” there I saw him… I stopped…my mind Could not stand i he looked exactly……. Like me same arms and everything except he had orange fatalis armor with a gear hell switch axe and a heavy bow gun made from black Lao who is this man. Toki then burst out in excitement saying”Xion that you are my hero my hero my hero!!!!!!!!!” so this is xion I asked “you better have a good reason for killing those hunters.” He smartly responded in the same voice as me “well ceros don’t you remember you said if I want to find you leave a trail of dead bodies in the akira sage war we were both brothers to the end now I can stop killing and we can be a team again” I remember now the reason I was locked by the guild my power was far too great. He then said “you now have a new member ceros lets go.” I had to dye his hair black so the villagers would not recognize him then I thought did the villagers see him eh I did not care. We were now a group of three. Toki was very happy she had loved Xion and Xion had loved her. Why am I always the middle man I need a girl friend. We then used the rest of our red and white snake materials to upgrade his armor and weapons. His armor was now called heaven and hells ash. His switch was now slithering of clear red. And heavy bow gun was called victory over both gods. I tried to tell toki to “get a little sword at least a pocket knife.” she said “I stick with my hbg that I do” later that day we trained I told the villagers “to respect Xion.” so they did. Xion was a natural at controlling his snakes his snakes seems a bit stronger than mine. He even had all the armor skills we had blademaster and gunner I did not understand what the hell he was doing with gunner and blade skills. We then fell asleep toki sleeping as close as she can to Xion naked. Waiting for the next day. (you are almost done my dear sweet child you power will be unleashed upon the world you will realize your power my dear sweet child) “what the hell was that” I thought so weird oh well back to bed I go.

Log 7:In attendance 4-man cell team complete.

It is time to find more materials. First breakfast so I woke everyone up and left for food. No one was in the mess hall strange all but one Hispanic girl. I thought “hey time to make a new friend.” See had very powerful equipment 7 long swords all made from white tigrex and pink narga. Armor crafted from uberlite ore and hair long and flowing she was hot. I asked her name she said with a gentle voice”Claudia” I asked “if she wanted to join my team.” She wanted to she how well I did in a quest she said “there is a 8 headed snake said to be brother of the white snake god which you killed you game J.” I responded “I’m game.” She asked only two people just me and her I accepted. I gathered my best weapons, armor, 10 hot drinks, and 10 mega potions told xion and toki then left. We made our why to Ulmine Mountains we had spotted the beast. It was small but deadly she then draw out all her swords 3 between her fingers on each hand one in her mouth. She went into rampage as if you was wielding dual blades and ultra sliced it 2 heads flew off. I was surprised she is good real good guess its my turn I summons a barrage of snakes then one big snake rode on its my snakes back then went on his and started to sock up the beast with my demon arms. She continued to slice it. It then said “you are truly worthy.” Claudia surprised that the beast can speak stopped attacked I kicked its ribs in and hopped off. It then blew very cold ice at us tried to freeze us but failed(hot drink) I then was bored with it so I took out my blade and sliced it in half (creature down). We gathered the materials and headed home. On are way home Claudia said” THE CREATURE IT TALKED WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT!!!!!!!!” I said softly” get used to it all the snakes we fought so far can.” She was cool with it we headed back to the town she then made her weapons fused with her own making (all 7 blades listed) ebisu thunder ap 1600, ulra fire ap 2000, zen holy ap 1400, manda unholy ap 1700 , moman stun, justice sleep ap 2100, and last but not least lust ice ap 2300. All blades with a different element ( note: the blades reactt to will power that is how you determine elemental power also ap = attack power .) she was a natural with them. Her armor was known as luster of white god she had the same abilities accept she could levitate and had ultra esp ( yeah no bouce back.) . she moved her stuff in to our house clothes and everything we had to share a bed I introduced her to the team we ate and went to sleep. (your power increasing greatly and rapidly good work my dear sweet child in the distant future a choice will be made I can’t wait to see what you give up hahahahahahahahah) what was that voice again what will I have to give probably just a nightmare back to bed. Man I like Claudia a hell of a lot hope she likes me hmph.

Log 8: changing times

I woke up today many awkward things happened for one toki and xion both looked like part snake now but I did not wonder why. Claudia had a spider tattoo on her back and her veins looked like spider webs. Hmph what strangeness (I shall give you a boost I would love to see your evolution) what was that voice as soon as I heard that wings crew out of my back all black looked pretty cool. I let no one see my back yet. Toki and xion went out on dates then went home they had (viewer rating is advised) massive onslaught of sex all you heard was snake noises and random “that it is that it is that it is and boom goes the dynamite” I took Claudia out but as a hunter to trade materials and such. Xion and toki later that day got married and again had sex (I was taping in the background random black guy taping I’m going to put this on toki did not get pregnant thanks to Rajang tough condoms and I quote “the protection you need for the sex she wants it’s going to get electrifying” at the wedding it was fun we had a cake fight partied and got wasted. Awesome Claudia wanted a wedding like this one day I will give that to her the day was over and I waited for my next adventure. (Party while you can my dear sweet child you will soon realize your latent potential) this voice was scary wonder what it means also my nightmares probably have a connection to this. Back to sleep to wait on another day

Log 9: history

Lots of things came to thought my memories came back (only a few) I remember why I was held as a weapon. During the akira sage war it was more a revolution and I was a patriot with xion. We both were sages fighting the humans. Xion chose to help a little girl (who later became toki) I chose to continue the slaughter. I had no control over my body but the blades could not scar my skin I was truly I hellish beast. After that I remembered it was me being held down by guild controlled jhen’s I was then held captive. If only I could remember everything. Nothing makes sense to me it’s all so confusing I keep hearing this voice it is so akward. I shall still note my life in these logs as much as I can. Some of my sage powers returned to me like the ability to summon monsters others than snakes also to read monsters thoughts. Xion was a good friend and a true brother in arms. I wondered with these memories that still do not explain why my arms, legs, and back are all demon like. Nothing was right with me maybe a quest will help me. I took a blue rathain quest to relax my mind. Equipped my armor then left no weapon was required I was going to use my bare hands. I arrived at the rathain I saw it walked up to it. It yelled then stopped then fell asleep (lazy bastard.). I did not kill it I simply laid next to it and rubbed it started talk about my problems. I read its thoughts it said “you have a strong evil aura around you but deep in that aura is a bit of light that controls over the dark evil aura keep that and you shall be fine.” I took its advice and this may seem cruel I snapped its neck and took it to the guild (hey my time limit was running out.). I just needed a day to think about what is going on. I am happy but I feel as if I am going to fade away with no real milestone…

Log 10: a challenge!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh new day woke up woke everyone else then left. First thing I did was go to the guild hall. The guild lady said “I had mail” it seems someone has asked me to take a challenge. Quest detail: client: portly man. Hello ceros I issue you and your squad a challenge how many monsters can you beat in the arena before you die if you don’t die there will be great rewards a year supply of kirin king burgers come to the arena today to accept my challenge. Slay as many creatures as you can before time runs out, must kill at least 15. This is just the thing I need endless monster hunter action. I returned home told my teammates about then grabbed my gear 99X potions, 99X max potions. And all I really need is 75Xmega juices. Grabbed my ultimate weapons and armor so did my team then left. We arrived at arena the portly man was ready to set up the monsters we were ready to take them down let’s start. First 100 yian kut-ku’s Claudia attacked with all her weapons at once it was awesome. They were burned, put to sleep stunned, and froze it was epic. She took out like 50 yian’s. we watched then xion (still having his full akira sage powers) snapped his fingers and summoned one thousand blades and killed the rest of the yian’s. This was awesome. The next creatures were 25 rathain I rushed toward them and snapped 15 of their necks. The last 10 toki cragged them. The announcer said” great awesome but can you handle the next creature this will be your last test.” From the sky fell another hybrid a white Rajang blangonga tigrex. I yelled “what the hell is this some joke it looks like a deformed rat.” Without a moment in hesitation it rushed us and we all flew. Toki in mid-air used I fierce snake attack but the fangs did not pierce its skin. It began to circle around the arena. Xion yelled “enough” then split a part of the earth on half and tried to crush it. The hybrid yelled and got out of the hole. Then rolled into ball and rammed us. Toki was out cold, xion was tired and Claudia was healing from the kut ku’s ( she was kinda bored as well.). At that moment something awoke inside me. I went full demon and used my akira sage powers and ripped off each of the creatures limbs. The creature dissolved and I was the victor. The announcer said “ceros and his group did it yeah your marathon is now complete great work.” Work well done I took my reward 100,000,000,000,000 gold ( the reward was either the burgers or the money think hard.) and had a feast. I went to bed then I heard that voice again. (You are growing in ways I would not even imagine you truly are grave my dear sweet child hmph.) I will worry about this later now off to bed.

Log 11: departure for the great black smith tensai

Woke up went straight to the black smith. Asked if” he could improve my Vishnu arc gunsword.” He said “sorry there is a black smith named tensai he could make your blade better he lives 1000 miles east of here you can’t miss the town.” I guess it’s time to travel. I ran home told the team they said “give us two hours to prepare.” (2 hours pass) with all our equipment packed we left we went there by foot. (5 hours into journey) a fatalis skull is seen. We all wonder what the hell. We continue we see a small gold lao shan lung fighting a barroth. We lay wait because we want a free meal the lao loses later we killed the barroth. Got some meat continued walking. (10 hours later) we see town of banruun. I say “so this is where tensai lives pretty cool place.” (had to hide face guild knew me here) we arrive at tensai’s he was old and one eye was really weird. I asked “hey can you make my blade better.” I showed him my blade he said” he needs 2 red chamelos spikes, 20 sliver lao scales, and 15 white narga pelts.” I had to do some quest oh well I knew I needed some fun anyway I asked “if my teammates wanted some new equipment or weapons.” they were fine. As I walked thru banruun I went in a cafe I saw this awesome beautiful girl. So I asked her “what’s your name.” she said “Lydia.” Awesome name we talked for a little while then I asked “want to go out.” she ultra rejected me. Oh well at least I tried we became friends I left then we met many hunters they started to talk about us saying “your weak homo hunters hahahahaha.” Xion kicked there asses then we left then checked in at Pandora inn I had to give them a false name ( I did not want to leave a trail.) I said “Maxton.” We took our stuff in the inn took a bath ate then went to sleep waiting for the next day. Hmph , no voice tonight that’s good.

Log 12: put the red chameleon to bed

Great sleep last night yup yup it seems that I need to wake everyone up to get ready for the epic chameloes hunting. We gathered our equipment got ready grabbed as many potions and mega juices as we could ate breakfast then left. Went to guild hall accepted quest. Quest detail: slay red chameleos. A red chameleos jumped right out at us and ate my squad then disappeared I ran as hard as I could and left please hunter put a stop to it. Client: injured captain. Slay one red chameleos. Location: manra summit. We left for manra summit. We made it but could not find then everyone except for toki activated her snake eyes. we found it we acted like we did not see it. Then it tried to eat xion. Xion grabbed it’s tongue and pulled its head down then silt its tongue. He let out a fierce battle cry then slashed its left back leg clean off. It fell then Claudia put it to sleep with her blade it was captured. That was one easy mission (or so I thought) we killed a red chameleos but there were two of them. The second one ate me I was inside it’s stomach I found it’s heart and I said “slice time” I used my gun sword and obliterated it’s heart I then chopped my way out. That was fun. With two red chameleos we returned to the town. One quest down two more to go alright. We then collected our spikes and our reward money took a bath ate then went to bed. Again no voice’s were looking up for me.

Log 13: time to fight the white narga

Awesome sleep last night it seems that I need to wake everyone up to get ready for the white narga. We gathered our equipment got ready grabbed as many potions and mega juices and some max potions as we could ate breakfast then left. Went to guild hall accepted quest. Quest detail: slay white narga. I was on my to visit my beloved when a white narga attacked I lost my arm I want revenge. Give me its dead body hunter. Client: angry villager” We gathered our equipment got ready grabbed as many potions and mega juices as we could then left. Went to guild hall accepted quest. We left and searched the area using snake eyes. we spilt up I had found the narga he launched tail spikes at me I caught one a rushed it I stabbed its eye. Then I went behind him and grabbed his tail then slammed him toward the ground. Then I beat him down with my demon hands and slammed his skull into the grounf 47 times and it died. I went back to my team after getting 10x white narga pelts. Then they claimed they fought with the white narga they even brought 5x pelts narga pelts. This is strange so many white narga doesn’t make sense. Oh well I returned with the body and collected my reward. Ate some food went to bed. Waited for next day. No voice again man this is weird. I was starting to like it.

Log 14: bigger than mountain pees out a fountain sliver lao.

Did not sleep well got ready for quest equipment and stuff my team was ready. Me thinking” I sure hope we don’t have to fight two sliver lao’s that would suck.” So me and my team ran toward the guild hall there was only one quest open for the any lao so we accepted the quest I hate this. Quest detail: slay 2 sliver lao’s and 1 gold lao. Quest detail I can’t believe what I saw not one not two but three lao’s please any hunter in the land of minegarde please I own the fort of ulgane and town needs your help hunter help!!! Client: high rank guild lady. Location: fort of ulgane. I asked my team are you sure they all said “were always ready.” Time to hunt, we had formed a plan and set out. We made it to the fort time to start toki and xion made a ultra snake barrier to trap the lao’s then xion and toki attacked with clust and crags lvl 7 me and Claudia flew on their backs and hacked their backs. Then they fell after 10 minutes of attacks we thought we were done but then they fused together and turned into a black lao it thru a fire ball and broke thru the snake barrier and then we quickly moved to the next area. Xion, me, and toki cast the spell rangotayi aneja rahejam summoning snake monster uber shield mandanora then we stopped it but didn’t kill it. Me and xion used our akira sage powers to crush it’s bones with the one billion blade attack. It was finally down. I guess the black scales will be the last thing I need. So we returned my team collected the reward we returned at like 3:00 I went to the black smith good thing it was still open but there was a note simply tensai had to go oh well his student made my new blade bishamonten gun sword ap 5270!!!!!!! Element switches depending on creature. We checked out of hotel then set for road it was late so we set up camp 200 miles away from banruun then we heard a small earth quake then the smell of fire. We didn’t worry about it so we went to bed. No voice again that’s good but something is not right but well I will talk about it later time to go to sleep.

Log 15: my brother what???

I woke up and thru the whole day I heard voices not like the one’s at night but like a distant friend. We continued our pathto a new village guess what I saw the noobs I helped back against the yama. They were badly beaten I said” what happened a kut-ku kicked your ass.” They looked at me and the heavy bowgun user said” you just tried to kill us why are there two of you with different hair colors never mind we now it was you or was it I’m so confused.” I said” I did nothing of the sort what are you talking about.” They then said at once “you were just back there what the heck man you nearly killed us you turned into a demon.” They then directed me to the person who did this to them they did not want to die so they left. What I couldn’t believe what I saw a demon no me but taller and more evil in my demon state. The being looked at me, and said” brother my dear sweet child did you not hear me speak to you before let’s see if you are strong enough to kill me you failure.” Xion enraged said” you demon you are inhumane I finally get my second chance to kill you Koran you will die my blade.” Toki asked” what is this monster my beloved.” Xion answered” the man that started the akira sage war and era of mythos also who killed my sister he is Koran grave.” In an instant we were all blown back xion had unleashed all his powers. Koran said “you are stupid xion you are not even enough for my lvl 1 bazooka crags in my tiny kut-ku gun.” Koran pulled out a unearthly switchaxe and heavy bowgun and blasted xion. Xion was not phased xion said in a voice darker than black” I shall avenge suigota this is my justice.” Koran smiled and said” you are not even strong even to stand my fists.” Then a scream was let out and Korans hands turned into fatalis heads he launched a wave of sheer energy nearly killing xion. I could not stand it toki and Claudia were out cold. Inside I heard a voice saying” I will give you power call my name sloth.” I yelled out “sloth.” Then I turned into a full powerhouse of pure energy. And then Koran said “now this is your power brother show me why my blood is boiling.” We both rushed each other he kicked me I caught his leg and ripped it off then he summons thousands of legs in its place which blew me back. I then busted all his legs and unleashed a blood lost zero grade roar nearly shattering his ear drums. He fell to the ground and then came from behind me and slashed my back with his switch axe. I healed then summersault kicked his chin. He then rushed and hit me with his barrage of punches. I fell and he summoned a guilty devil from his switch saying “when you can control of your devil that is when I shall fight you.” I got up then he ran away. I reverted back to my human state helped toki up then Claudia. Xion wounds had to be helped he said while I carried him” I could not avenge my sister why………” he fainted and we had to treat his wounds toki used her white snake powers to cure him toki nearly gave all her life. Xion was o.k (after some immense healing.) with our bodies exhausted we rested (set up camp) until tomorrow. Me thinking the next time I see my apparent brother I shall kill him. So off to bed I go. Tomorrow I train like crazy.

Log 16: conga monk in the forest

I woke up put on my equipment and took a walk around the forest I saw a monk walking. He was training conga’s in yoga I watched them from I distance. He then said” I see cero’s is here.” How did he know my name. He then stopped the conga’s and said follow me my dear boy. I followed him up into a hidden temple. We went in and he explained some things over tea. He said “old ceros you are 10,000 years old because of your hybrid demon and akira sage powers the only way to get your guilty devil is to go into hell itself.” I did not have a chance to speak the monk knew everything I had to say and did not care for my words. He opened up a portal saying you must enter hell to retrieve the 6 seven deadly sins lust, pride , wrath, gluttony, greed, anger and envy with their trails you already have sloth go now you must defeat your brother collect your devil now go. Without a word to my team or items I left time to get my devil. Then I thought isn’t there like 7 sins hmm.

Log 17: lust

I had entered hell It was awesome. Flame blacker than a void and demons everywhere. I saw a little girl trapped under a rock could this was my first trail. I helped the girl up then she said” foolish grave.” she then turned into Claudia and I smacked the dog mess out of her. See then said “why would you slap me I am your love.”I said “my love is for battle and your tricks suck. “She rushed me and I grabbed her neck and slammed it toward the ground I kicked her she flew got back up and rushed me. I then pulled out my black snake and trapped her she died a slow death to bad she was not strong enough. She disappeared my sword glowed and I guess I was done. Next trail ahahahaahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahh. Hell is for chumps.

Log 18: wrath

I left then a portal opened an ash black Rajang rushed saying “I am your next trail wrath prepare for your death.” I jumped on its back and rode it into various walls then I said “no intro no style you are boring.” I then kicked it and rode it like I was on a k9 (dog melynx). I ripped off his horn and said “now what.” I then jumped off and pulled out my new gunsword lets see what this can do. I spilt the rajangs legs in half. He was on the ground and I said” I hope your prepared to die.” It begged and cried for mercy I laughed then I quickly ended the beast wrath complete.

Log 19: envy

In the same spot another creature came a gray kut-ku he said in a sad voice “hmph I am (sigh) envy I want your power.” It rushed me and I jumped over it I cut its tail off It didn’t make a sound then pecked me a slashed its wing off it didn’t make a sound. I then socked it in the face and broke his jaw he then exploded and his last voice said “your power is mine.” I then summoned a snake shield and protected myself. I was guessing he was a joke because that was too easy I was wrong.

Log 20: gluttony and greed

I needed a break but there was no break for me I was tired. Then a very fat xion came he said” I am the greed for gluttony.” I said “so you are both.” He said “is there a difference but you are correct.” I then kicked him he hit the wall then rolled back into me. He sat on me and he was heavy. With all my power I threw him off he flew in the air. While in mid-air I kicked him and his bones broke. And he was on the ground I stabbed his face and he said before his death “we represent the physical forms of living creatures that should tell you something Claudia likes you.” I had killed him I only hope he was telling the truth. About Claudia liking me.

Log 21: my pride

Finally the last trail pride. Out of nowhere a morphed version of me came it looked like me fused with toki. Its lips were tied together I said” I guess the gluttony greed beast was right.” The beast rushed with its demon fists and socked me in the chest. Got angered then I transformed then it transformed. It punched me then I fell. I kicked high It caught my foot then tried to break it I used my other foot and kicked it. I used my snakes it used its snakes thousands of snakes were everywhere. I then used my gunsword so did it. We rushed each other and in a flash I fell and before it spilt in two it unwrapped it had two faces and it looked like toki on one side and me on the other and then the toki side said “why didn’t I chose…………………” it then faded away not saying its last words. I got up and fell in a portal. There was a orb it said “moncellus.” I picked it up and I was back at the temple. The monk said “what seemed like hours to you was only seconds for me not much time has passed,” I fell to the ground and fell asleep quest complete reward : orb of moncellus. (“Great job ceros.”) said random voice. Yup fear the random

Log: 22 your name is…..

when I came to I guessed I should learn to control my devil. The monk told me “go to the river of rotuto there you will find a waterfall beyond that is a cave go there and train time is much slower there it is east of here.” I departed for the river I made it but in the sky I saw a weird light what was that. A large beam of light came from the sky it was a beast I think I’ve seen this before. It was the amatsu the hunters in recent reports said to “run on contact.” Then something amazing happened the beast turned into a blue-haired girl. She then came crashing into the river then I ran to the location it was weird she was covered in light reached out to me and said “grave.” I was shocked she was very beautiful she then said “what is this I am in what you call water right it is so magnificent look at the water slide off my skin it feels great.” I didn’t say I word to that comment then I asked “what is your name.” so smiled and said “you named me silly grave don’t you remember now what was I forgot it why don’t you give me a new name.” I was amazed a girl I had never met before and I named her so I named her I said “you shall be called zious how about that.” She hugged me still naked and I could tell she liked it.

Log: 23 moncellus

I got to know zious a little better she had been a god of light but not once has she touched our planet. I had known she was a beast but she was so innocent. We entered the waterfall and found the cave there was gate and a keeper. He stood 12ft tall He said “who dare enter this scared hollow ground.” I said “I am ceros grave.” As soon as I said that he let me enter. I wonder why he would just let me enter. Zious hopped on the giant’s shoulder and then we went in. I could feel the gravity change it was heavy. I had to adjust zious then hopped off and sat down on a rock. Then I got a massive headache then I spilt in half another me came out. He was whiter than a cloud and he was opposite in color and everything. He said hello master “I am moncellus you must defeat me then I shall submit to your will completely.” I asked “what will happen if I win.” He said “all my powers will be yours you will be 5x stronger and have a master level of control over all of your powers akira sage, snake, and even your demon.” I said “alright you will die by my hands.” Zious said “wow this shall be one good fight who should I root for grave or moncellus this is so hard to decide.” The battle is about to begin.

Log: 24 ceros vs moncellus

I yelled “let’s go.” I rushed he stood there and I punched his pace he fell when he fell a crater formed on the ground. He was very heavy he got back up at sonic speed and kicked me in the stomach. I pulled out my gunsword he pulled gun with a little sword attached and shoot high pressure water bullets at me they hurt like hell. He then stabbed me in my leg while he stabbed me I slashed his back he fell I got mad and healed he copied then we both recovered. Zious was just enjoying this gazing in awe. I then launched some snakes at him he returned fire with toads lots of them. I summoned cobra king arduous he summoned almatia a giant big toad my snake launched venom in a concentrated beam his toad launched pure holy element. The beams clashed it looked very amazing but it was deadly I closed my eyes and my mouth. He came out of the smoke and slashed my arm off I regenerated it then I went demon he went angel I stated “I already know this is the only mode you can truly die in.” he said “so can you fool we are one in the same dumb-ass.” We launched a beam of pure darkness and a launched a absolute beam of light. The wave knocked us both back. Zious was shocked in awe. Moncellus laid there I got up and said “game over.” I took his head then his head turned into poison and came from behind and stabbed me I recovered but I was not shocked. He then turned into his true from a blue white-haired demon he then summoned a sword and said “time to die.” He rushed I grabbed his hand the sword centimeters meters away from my neck I said” I guess this is your dying last resort form aye well this was fun but now it’s time to die.” I cut his head off with my gunsword and before he returned to my body he said” zious is quite dangerous that immortal hybrid will be your end.” He returned to my body and I guess my training was done I had opened my true powers nothing can stop. Zious said in a dark voice “quite good my dear sweet child.” Then she hugged me I was scared so I left the cave to test my new abilities.

Log: 25 mistakes by your false forever

My body felt like 1000 minegarde parades I was so happy. Then I a bird with a letter attached came in it said “the blacksmith tensai has died.” I had no clue how to react so all I did was well nothing. I had no personal attachment to him so I felt nothing. So I returned to camp with zious on my back. When we arrived my team was fast asleep still well the monk did say that not much time has passed. I woke up toki first when she came to I asked “do you have any regrets.” She said “many I do feel unfulfilled with my choices that I do I may have made a mistake marrying xion that I did.” I responded “Who would you want to be with” she said very silently and gently “you ceros my celestial demon hero that you are if I could repeat I would choose you that I would.” I said “hmph we are all human we may have too much pride and I do believe xion is a bit greedy maybe a lot but I am not completely human I guess tour choice and regrets will pass as time goes on.” Toki looked on my back and saw zious she “asked who is that may I ask and why she is naked may I ask.” “This is a very powerful god hybrid zious I named her and oh yeah she is still naked oh well.” I responded. Zious then said “I can turn into a amatsumagatsuchi you may call me amatsu or as grave calls me zious.” Toki said “so this is your love that it is forget what I said early that you may but what is a ama thingy may I ask.” Zious responded “would you like to see.” Toki said “that I would.” Suddenly thousands of clouds formed around her and her body quickly went into the air she was hit by lighting and zious turned into the amatsumagatsuchi. Toki stood in awe I still thought she was beautiful. Then xion and Claudia woke up and began attacking I easily stopped their attacks. Xion said “why.” I said “that is zious she is my lovely fable.” She then went to her human state. She looked at xion and Claudia and said “hello failure xion and Claudia.” Failure xion looked like he was going to break down in tears. When zious and I talked about her life she said she met a very sad sage who sought greater purpose and that he loved her it must have been xion. They hugged (she was still naked thorough all of this the fight with moncellus to) and talked to catch up. Claudia did not care. We left for orochi village.

Log: 26 libera me from the grade zero fatal!!!!!!!!!!!

We had returned to ruins of a very great village zious played in the ashes (still naked). Toki broke into tears along with xion. Claudia began to laugh saying” so the old fool was right grade zero came and made this place go down hell hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.” I had nothing to say except “my blades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remembered I left a few here” I ran to my house they were ok armor and everything good. I villager old man was crawling and Claudia said “what color was the fatal old man red, orange, grey.” The old man said “vivid gold and sliver shinier than platinum.” I said “impossible the guild made sure platinum was the highest fatal.” The old man said “someone opened the hates to hell and messed up the balance of sins and at the lowest level lower then lucifier but not as strong the grade zero he came looking for its master it just yelled grave, grave, grave, grave.” I yelled “where is it.” The old man said “at dolo keep.” We gathered our equipment I gave some tools and clothes for zious we head out to get what is rightfully mine. Time too kill a zero grade.

Log 27: risky battle zious the everlasting god of light blade of truth.

We had made our way to rolo keep it was not there. Zious said “watch out my dear sweet child.” Then a beam of white fire came at us from the sky I summoned my devil he ate the fire and blew it back at the beast. The monster came falling to the ground toki unleashing thousands of crag lvl 10 on the beast they had no effect. Xion shoot a snake at him it had no effect. Claudia used all her swords to finally put a dent in the beast skin. The fatal said “enough I wish to only fight ceros.” The vivid fatals swallowed xion, toki, and Claudia. The beast then flew toward me I fused my akira sage powers with my snake powers to summon bohi a 1 eyed black demon yama and the yama exploded. It was stronger than 100 atomic bombs. The beast was badly injured. Moncellus came out and began violently slicing one part of its body. I shot a unholy element beam at it and it wobbled a little. Zious said” this is not the grave that I knew oh yeah he doesn’t have me yet maybe I should.” What did she mean her hand turned into a epic and glorious great sword. She threw it at me and said “remember grave.” Then every last bit of my memories came back to me. My armor turned into gray robes resembling that of a knight’s armor. I remember I was grave the typhoon busting craniums and moves deadlier than uranium. The best most purist known killer coming at ya home like a thriller. I was a god of chaos. Then in instant with my new amatsu blade I ran thru the fatal. Before the fatal turned into ashes he said “your back master.” Zious was very happy the rest of my team was knocked out. Looks like I have some work to do time to rebuild the village with my god powers. Zious said “my dear sweet grave finally your power is back that is all I wanted.” I carried my team back to the obliterated village. Quest complete. No materials gained only power time to go home

Log: 28 the worthy s+ rank red garuga.

I now knew all my past all the people I have killed those I have saved. How my brother started the akira sage war thru I bullet in a priest head. So wicked my life was I was still carrying my comrades on my back zious told me “ what you do now it up to your own justice true your powers and mine rival the god of the true gate himself but do not get cocky.” Do to the powers of the white snake toki and xion recovered quickly. Claudia took a little longer to come to. While we all returned to village a red garuga came out of nowhere. It stared at zious and attacked violently. I kicked the crap out of it before it attacked. It got up quickly then its jaw ripped my arm clear off. I grew it back I was now pissed. Toki unleashed a lot of water “s” then xion used his switch axe to kut the garuga’s beak. The blade sliced his jaw put then it adopted quickly and now had a four way mouth. Crap Claudia then stunned it with her moman. The garuga broke out of it. I then summoned to giant demon arms and I ripped it in half. It reformed and it’s body became inside out and it rushed zious again. A stone was on it’s back I took the stone and it fell to pieces. That was mega off-brand. We took the body back for study (I would study personally).

Log: 29 the black amatsumagatsuchi fear it’s unearthly storms.

We were now close to the tattered orochi village but an uneven wind strong came. Zious said “your team should hide your team I will handle this.” Then in a storm of white fire a black amatsumagatsuchi came the immense gravity it let off caused my team to pass out I moved them to a safe location. Zious then flew into the air then more winds came and thunder struck zious see turned into a amatsu. I hopped on her back see went into the air and it was time to dada dada dadaadadada duel (yu-gi-oh randomness) the black amatsu launched a black beam and I slashed the beam with the amatsu blade. Zious rammed into the black amatsu. I tried to kill this beast the fastest I could. I sliced what was his crystal they were quite weak do to my ultra sharpness I hacked until it seemed dead. I then said “are we done.” Zious launched a beam of quite holy light and the beast was done. Zious took the ashes of the remains of the beast and ate them. She then reverted back to her human state. That was weird. I was more shocked at how flexible the clothes were so durable. ( note: yup she has clothes now.)

Log: 30 oh how I hate the guild.

Zious and I thorough the remainder of the trip had to carry our team. Zious told me many things one thing being the guild controls all monsters I knew that. What I did of know was they did not control 3 of the hybrids, the uman 5 (one red garuga(dead), one gray rathalos, 2 white Rajang that turn blue when enraged, one blue espinas), the last being all the amatsumagatsuchi. Sometimes the guild are bored and need some entertainment the main purpose being to keep beast under control, Also to train you hunters. The guild seemed evil they held me for quite a while. The guild had a reason for this fear when mankind doesn’t understand something they fear it. The guild controls most of the beast but cannot control them all. zious asked me to “stay with her forever.” I gladly accepted I guess for the time being I was going to help rebuild the town for now.

Log: 31 white Rajang savageness the blue twin thunder brothers.

We were now 50 miles away from home so close. Then 2 blue thunder balls came in front of us I dodged then sat down my team. 2 white Rajang came out of the sky. Zious helped since my team was out. See was in a crystal like armor it was so shiny. She summoned a greatsword and now we were ready. I rushed the one on the left but both of them went into and rolled into a ball and tried to squash me. Zious slashed one Rajang in the leg and it began to limp the other Rajang bit him he was healed now he was o.k. We both pointed our swords at it and launched a beam on celestial level. And the Rajang fell. The other Rajang ate his brother and turned into a blue ultra demon Rajang. He launched a very fast beam of blue lighting. A was to slow to reflect zious was slow to react and she was hit. At that moment I was very angered and my thoughts took over I turned into a god/demon hybrid. I spilt the white Rajang arm in thirds. I beat the Rajang with its arm the Rajang was dead but I continued to attack. Zious was unscathed. I tripped out for nothing oh well that was unexpected.

Log: 32 building the village

We finally made it back to the village after many battles it took some time to make the village in its former glory. I found all the remaining villagers I could then we started to gather materials and rebuild. I woke up my team. xion and me were big helps we got half the village done in 2 hours it looked better than before. Zious just watched. She was impressed by how hard a god could work. She wishes the world was like this all of us coming together for one common goal. The village was done in 14 hours very easy so with our new snake like house ( that we modeled J) we went to sleep it is good to be back. Zious slept next to me toki was angry. Claudia did not care.

Log: 33 the new s+ rank red jinouga

When we woke up lots of messenger birds came, All with the same report. Quest detail: red, red, red and gray, gray, gray all I remember is red lighting and gold fire everywhere, also the body of a wolf and a wyvern please put an end to these rampant beasts. Client: scared prince. slay one red jinouga and one gray rathalos. Location: serpent wilderness Looks like with the village just rebuilt we will still get request oh well, but an s+ rank red jinouga and a gray rath this was going to be fun. I no longer needed potions nor did my team so we gladly accepted the quest and headed out. Zious did not want to leave my side so I carried her on my back she was like an add-on or a leech now we had a group of 5 hunters. We searched for the jinouga first but we did not know it was following us until he hopped on Claudia. It had Claudia pinned down put she used her ultra esp and snake powers( skill to track and attacks do not bounce off monsters also can lift objects) to lift to beast the creature broke free. I put zious down and she got her greatsword out as did I we dual attacked on the beast. The jinouga was extra angry. Red lighting went all over its body and from the sky came more lighting. Xion switch axed the crap out of it while toki used her snake venom crags to weaken the beast. The creature was pissed and rushed me (what for man!?!) I got hit by some intense lighting I was now angry I used my extra speed and sliced its head clean off. I took the head as a trophy of my epic victory.

Log: 34 the crucial battle ultra gray rathalos.

Now we went to get the other fiend. Zious said” toki look up.” All calm like. Toki looked up and fired at the rath. The rath came crashing down and it hit xion. Xion was pissed he used his power to lift and toss the beast. The rath hit like 10 trees the rath’s wings turned into arms. He was like a human like body with a rathalos face but fast. His body then burst into flames and he rushed us he booted toki and cracked 3 ribs. Then in the blink of an eye he snapped all of xion’s limbs. Claudia attacked from behind but in an instant he kicked her. Then zious launched a very powerful ray of light, but the ultra rath smacked it. Zious then fought on equal speeds with the rath. It was booms and clangs and slight flashes in the sky. Zious then went inside me literally and combined with me. The rath powered up and vicious fire ball and I launched a black ray of light. And the clash made a huge explosion. The rathalos fire broke and it was down. It lays on the ground now. I asked it a question” you are under control of the guild.” He said “no I follow only my blue espinas master koran kill me now I am ashamed of myself to lose put me out of my misery.” I pierced its heart the deed was done now time to collect my reward.

Log: 35 epic battle the bird god suigono

I returned to the village and collected my reward and went to the bar. Zious said” I sense suigono had came in order to challenge you in the arena.” I put zious on my back and headed to the arena. In the arena was a big bird 12 ft with the body of a human I asked to go in and confronted the beast. He said “are you grave.” I responded “yup yup.” He then rushed me and took me in the sky I unleashed my wings and zious fell back to ground and landed on her feet. It was now an aerial battle he threw lots of poison needles at me I had gained a tolerance to poison thx to the white snake power in me. He then pecked the hell out of me and I slashed his wing off. He fell to the ground while he was falling a socked him to the ground. Zious enjoyed the battle. Then the beast launched a giant bird at me and it turned into gray fire and burned me that was hot. So I was pissed and I activated my element emotion skill and used ice to obliterate him and his bird. I asked “why did you want to fight me.” He said “you seemed worthy enough to take on a god you crack head hybrid.” He then faded into a thousand tiny feathers. I had won.

Log: 36 Claudia vs black dyuragaua solo challenge.

Later that same a challenge had came in for Claudia. It was from a wyverian and written it ancient text it said “£¥∑βµαέϊόω όν£€οπλ λόό€µβέ∑¥ ¥αέϊω¥€ο.” Zious translated it it said “to Claudia come battle my finest pet the black dyuragaua.” Claudia accepted the challenge went to the arena and from the ground came the beast. Claudia got all blades out (3 in each hand and one in mouth) and was ready. The black dyuragaua launched clack ice at Claudia. Claudia then jumped over it and began hacking at its tail. The creature was stunned and put to sleep. Claudia slicing at its face and the beast woke. Slashed Claudia and she was enraged she went spirit mode with all her swords and coated them with snake gems making a 7-bladed wheel. She threw it on the black dyuragaua and spinned it thus splitting the beast in half. She spit then left the arena that was a good fight.

Log: 37 xion vs the mighty white teostra.

Xion had also received a letter in ancient text it said “Ϟϰ₭₪₩₰₲₴ ₡₢ⅎῼΌῺ ῲῬῩῇῈῊὡὭ ểỠữῲΌῼ₢ ỠỡỢỤỀểὡῲ.” Zious decoded the message it said” xion are you ready for your elder fight come to the arena to fight the all powerful white lion.” Xion went to the arena and from the sky came a white mist it was the mighty white leo. Xion had his switch axe out and sheathed it in snake skin. White teostra sneezed and white fire came out of nowhere. Blowing him back he then went on its back his body was on fire he switched to blade mode and hacked it’s mane. The teo then shook him off. The teo launched a powerful white flame blast. Xion used his akira sage powers to pull down its face, Then used his snake powers to subdue his foe. The beast now enraged yelled and blew xion back. Xion used level 4 release giving him a dragon wind gauntlet he beat the brains out of the white teostra and left the arena. That was a pretty epic battle.

Log: 38 toki vs the black lunastra

Toki had also received a letter in ancient text it said “ŪŪƛΌỠ₢ỢỀƝƜƛƙ ƙƜểỡῼŪὡŪ₢ỀƛƈƅƂƃƔỡϡ ϮϯϰϬϫϩϧϣϖϕ ϕϫψφϾϡ.” Zious revealed the code it said “toki come to the arena to face the powerful and deadly black moon god lunastra.” Toki left for the arena and from the sky came in a fog of darkness the black luna. Toki unleashes a barrage of crag’s without hesitation. The black luna rushed her toki unleashed a massive barrage of snake’s from her arm. Stopping the luna in her tracks. The luna unleashes a wave of white dragon element and toki threw up a tiny red snake and put up a massive shield. The tiny snake created an enormous wave of darkness. The luna was dead. Toki then left the arena feeling fine. That match was ultra epic.

Log: 39 zious vs the dark kirin???

Zious had not received a message but a telepathic message telling her go to the arena. Zious had seen what see thought was beautiful a dark kirin that cast a black shadow (duh) and has a red lighting surrounding it. Zious launched a flurry of blade strikes. The kirin was badly hurt but now glowed a very dark unholy luster of gray. It launched a barrage of lighting attacks it was ultra vivid. Zious weaved the attacks with ease she then slashed the kirin leaving no visible marks the beast fell. She cast a spell making the kirin turn into a chibi. She then kept the little kirin. That was very epic, and now we have a little dark kirin. Zious has a kind soul.

Log 40: out to the sea’s the great black raviente. (umm its African American. XP)

All the, battles today were epic to watch but our team got a request out sea’s. Quest detail: in the black sea I was hunting a gray lagiacrus when out from the sea came *gulp* a black raviente I almost died whatever hunter can handle this beast please do so. Client: injured hunter: slay one black raviente. Location: out at black sea. This was going to be a battle to end all battles. We gathered our equipment loaded on the airship and were off. After 2 hours of traveling we reached the black sea. We jumped down then out of the sea came the black raviente. I never seen one before it was spiky and black. Toki launched canon s at his face. Xion launched a lot of snakes. Claudia ran around making a big slash mark around its body. Me and zious sliced of its horns. It went underground and it launched lot’s of black fire at us. We spent some time weaving those balls. It came back up xion and toki launched Claudia onto its face and Claudia got eaten. I sliced at his body. And zious sliced with me. The raviente was angry. Me, toki , and xion summoned a giant snake to fight the raviente the raviente easily killed it. Claudia broke her way out. She used her big spin wheel to slice up the raviente. It still was not dead. Xion launched a powerful gauntlet strike while toki launched thousands of grenade snakes. Me and zious launched beams of light at the beast. It was still not dead instead it wrapped itself around us and began to squeeze. I pushed its body back. Zious got angry and turned into the amatsu and launched a beam of light at it. It was now as angry as ever. Then zious turned back and got on my back. Me, toki, Xion, And Claudia summoned gaia (the snake that divides worlds) and made it explode. The raviente finally fell. We fell asleep dead on spot we were all tired job well done. ( I almost forgot about time limit.)

Log: 41 high time to die furious battle brother vs brother.

After we awoke we arrived at home thx to the little cat people (melynx). I thought I was strong enough to kill my brother then I guess it’s time to kill him. Xion and I had to track his spirit after 12 minutes we found him. He was in forest in a cave full of black khezu. I asked zious to “help me get there.” she gladly accepted she turned into her amatsu state I hopped on and we were off. We found the cave and him outside biting dead deviljho legs. I jumped in the air and pulled my sword out. I attacked him but he stopped the blade. He said “no one is here now I can go all out your power shall be mine.” I beam of light came from the sky and he turned into a blue espinas hybrid. I said “so the guild does not control you eh you must have sent that ultra rath after me.” He responded “yes I was surprised when he died you might just kill me now PREPARE TO DIE!!!” he rushed into me then I kicked him back down. I put zious in a safe spot and went back into the battle. He launched poison at me and I smacked that out of the way. He kicked me and I stopped the kick then tossed him back. He then came at me a lighting speed and hit me in the stomach. I grabbed his fist and pulled him forward then head butted him. He flew back and I summoned 100 million tiny snakes from my mouth and then covered him. He escaped the first pit then I made my snakes form into a hand and pull him down in. and then made them explode. He was down. I got close to him and said” goodbye from this world be cruel in your next life.” He then booted me in the sky and launched a massive purple fireball at me. I feared I could not block in time. My guilty devil blocked it for me. Moncellus then combined his soul with mine. My skin turned space black. And I felt powerful as hell. I quickly rushed unaware he fused with his as well. He looked like a pure white espinas. He threw red water as me it was hot!!! I then fell on the ground rolling in pain. He began to stomp me out. I got mad then launched a lvl 10000 cluster crag from my mouth with my akira sage powers. I blew Koran at least 200ft in the air. I was just about ready to end him. So while he was in the air I launched an enormous beam of gray light at him. He fell in burning flames I grabbed him out of air and began pounding his face in. I continued my onslaught and he was dead. What a weak brother of mine. But something strange happened billions of giant snakes came out of his belly and out came orochi!?!?! This orochi had 8 heads. He then said “finally your power shall be mine.” In the middle of heads came my brother’s head then a beam of purple light was forming so I cast my spell. Fly over the gray sky burn in sea of azure crimson go back to the end recast my endless earth onto my soul cast lvl nine billion ozuras ray the end times. When we clashed and the whole forest blew back zious just watched in awe. I was being pushed back then I unleashed my sin and demon power all at once and destroyed him down to the last atom. Victory was mine time to go to sleep. Zious carried me back home. That was a job well done.

Log: 42 carapaceon test for Claudia.

When I arrived home Claudia was heading for the arena. I followed her I went to the stands and watched whatever see was doing. A giant white diamyo came from the ground with a fatalis skull on it’s back. So I watched. Claudia got ebisu out (thunder blade) she sliced off its claw and it launched a beam of black water. Claudia rushed the water and spilt the diamyo shell in half. Claudia has become pretty powerful. The diamyo went underground. Then Claudia brought out her wheel and burrowed underground and sliced it in half. Then out of nowhere came a giant black shogun with a lao skull. What is Claudia doing? She then got all her blade’s out so did the shogun. Claudia jumped on its back and cut out its eye out. Then the shogun was pissed he randomly slashed everywhere, and sliced Claudia. In a flash Claudia sliced off each limb and the blades then jabbed her sword thru the head of the shogun. Then a pink akura jebmu came and sat on Claudia. (This was quick) Claudia tunneled her sword thru the head of the akura and killed it. That was very easy for her. Then the ground started to shake a white shen gaoren with a giant bird wyvern skull on it’s back came out of nowhere. My only question was how it got in here. Well this journal is out paper so I will have to buy a new one.

Log: 43 carapaceon test for Claudia cont.

Claudia ran around each leg slicing each off. And then she ultra leaped to its face and sliced it in half. She was a very strong hunter. She let out a sort chuckle then left.

Log: 44 the void black orugaron couple.

It was a slow day no quest what so ever then my heart beat increased tenfold as if something bad happened. Outside I heard a loud boom then I got hit by a spike, Then flew back. I recovered then was pissed it was two big retarded wolves xion was fighting them he was getting his ass handed to him. I had to help him but he fell to the ground covered in blood. I began slicing the wolves I got one down. Xion did not get back up. Then the other wolf ate the dead one. Turning into a f@#$ing bigger wolf. I was angry xion wasn’t getting up. The wolf bit my arm then it’s mouth got caught it did not know about my demon limbs. I busted its brains out with a punch. I went to check on xion. ………….. he didn’t get up………….. Why was he not getting up…………. he was….. dead L.

Log: 45 snow not rain

My friend a great sage how could he die I looked at his armor it was kut-ku why did he were this. He coughed up some blood and said” my life has been a big fail all 6,073 years of it I am tired of living bye ….. My ……. Good friend…..take care of toki for me…………………..” as soon as he died snow began to fall from the sky quickly. That fool now toki is a widow. There was no funeral held for because I absorbed his power’s and body. It snowed all the rest of that day but not because of his death. The reason being the dead of the two big poodle things caused a sol reaction with clouds causing snow to fall. It was sad and tragic but I felt no sympathy I cannot feel that emotion. Nor can I cry. Bye my friend

Log 46: Life goes on

The death of xion was not a bad one only one person really cared toki. Toki seemed to care ( not really)I took his weapons and combined them with mine. Toki took his armor and Claudia just trained. No one cared. Then I realized that no ordinary person was sending these request for the arena, As if they had been preparing us for something. (my dear sweet child almost there…….almost.) “Zious stop messing with me.” I yelled. She said nothing and looked kind of confused

Log 47: we set off

Since most of my memory has returned I now know the great hunter Javin. He is said to have power to rival a stampede of gravios that strong I must meet him. All of us left except toki she was to sad oh well my sorrow levels are low I really care for no one probably zious cares but not me. We headed for the endo forest that was his latest hunt location as read in the reports. Well after many long hours of travel (10 minutes.) we found him he had no armor just many piercing all over his body. I needed to test his power I struck him with a rock (note: zious is still on my back.) he ate the rock (literally.) and in a moment he cracked my armor with a blade that seemed to come out of nowhere. He then stated “who the hell are you how dare you attack the great orca javin I should kill you now talk.” Merely wanted to talk but first to test your strength you seem powerful want to join my team.” I responded. He sat down and signaled me to come join him in a meal after we kill it the meal of course. I like him he’s a rule breaker. (Note: you should know this if you play monster hunter but you have to sign up for a quest to hunt.) I asked “want you want to eat.” He responded. “A black gravios.” With that we head out for lunch.

Log: 48 the elder dragon gravios???

I got Claudia explained the situation she accepted now we head out. I noticed the air change with the direction we headed we hit the golden flame cave. Later we set up camp. Javin was quick with changing clothes he could summon swords awesome so he has been hunting this beast for quite some time today was the day he ate it. This guy seemed to eat anything really (ANYTHING.). When we arrived at the gravios I was surprised it was hairy and fast the moment we entered it farted super hot flames Claudia hit with her wheel of blades. I hit it with my viper snakes and Javin sliced its tall off with a sickle that came out of nowhere. Then it got angry and jumped real fast and in the air rolled in a ball in dragon aura attacked us. When it ran into Javin he stopped it with one hand and kicked it I hit then it flew toward Claudia she launched a her wheel yet again at it. It was down but not out. As I tried to deliver the final blow he hit me with some spikes from its back. Javin then said “enough time to eat him.” Then summoned a frying pan and smacked it he then threw a lard amount of grease on it and it was baked. He then ate it. I thought to myself what he is. I freaking beast!!!!!