The Dark Blizzard
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: The Dark Blizzard
Author/s: Ice-110
First Debut: 04/08/2011
Number of Chapters: 4 chapters
Current Status: Ongoing

the dark dream

the first of many

the howling dark

The start of everithig

The dark dream

  • Where am I?

I said to myself when I got up from the floor, I didn’t know where I was and how I got here, I didn’t even had my armor on, my head hurt but not so much that I couldn’t move. As I started to look around I was surrounded by many buildings that were half destroyed and cover in snow but there was no one around. The sky was a dark color red, with what appears to be black snow, well at least it felt like snow, coming from it. I finally put myself together and started to walk.

  • Hello, is anyone there?

I didn’t get an answer, I keep walking in any direction to try and find the way out of this town but whit no success, I went in one of the buildings to try and get a better perceptions of the town, but when I got up… I didn’t like what I saw, the town was completely destroyed as if a war had happened, the only good side is that I managed to see the entrance gate so I hurry back down and went there. It took me a while to find it, the town was like a maze, but I finally managed to see the gate in front of me. As I got closer I saw a man in armor resting in the gate

  • Hey!

I said as I started to run to him.

  • I’m still alive here, can you help me ou…

I stop in front of him just to see the corps of a man resting in the gate, his body was almost ripe in half.

  • What the hell happened?, I need to get out of here.

As I said this I started to here sound from the other side of the gate as if someone, or something, was trying to destroy it, I put my ear in the door to try and hear anything but the only thing I heard was the impacts gating laugher, I then quickly roll to the side just in time as the door came flying off, there was a lot of smoke and I couldn’t see anything.

All of a sudden, the sound of footsteps started to come out of the hole were the door just to be, a huge shadow move rapidly to one of the roads of the town, whatever this thing is its too fast to see, I stood up and started to look around to try and find it, different sounds started to appear all around they were coming from all directions, I couldn’t move I was in shock from all that happened.

Out of nowhere, the shape started to run fast to where I was at, he then raised one of he’s paws and attacked. I was preparing for the oncoming attack but I already knew if that thing hit me… I was dead

  • Hey!

Everything turn dark, the only thing I could hear was a strange voice…

  • Common get up, were almost there
  • Wha… What happened?
  • Hey you finally woke up, how was your dream?

I thought to myself “it was all a dream” as I looked around to see where I was. The first thing I noticed is that I was wearing my Barioth + armor and to a side of me were my dual blades, the other thing was in a trading cart being driven by a wiverian, we were on the road and in the distance we could see a mountain with a building on top

  • How long was I sleeping?
  • Like two hours, you missed all the scenery
  • … And how long to get to the city?
  • A few minutes, you can see the top of it, the top of Kotoro city in all its glory!, it’s been a long trip
  • Yeah to long

A few minutes later we arrived in the entrance gate that led to a stare way that led to the city, I could still remember when I first heard of this place, they said that it was a great mountain in the middle of a vast hillside, surrounded by roads and each path surrounded by a vast amount of trees.

  • Well you finally arrived, congratulations!
  • Thanks, I would not have got here without your help

I got down from the cartand started to walk to the stairway

  • No problem, anytime just one thing…
  • Yeah what is it?
  • Don’t get yourself kill out there Ok Norick

When he said this I stop were I was and started to smile, I then turned to him

  • Don’t worry I’ll be fine I just want to find what I want

The first of many

As I walk up the stairsto the town I started to think about that dream and what it meant, that was one of the reasons I came here to find out who I was, I couldn’t remember anything about my past, and my mission is simply to find out. When I got to the top of the stairsI could see the complete town, it was bigger than I initially thought and there were also a lot of people

  • This may take I while
  • HELLO there!!, welcome to Kotoro

Said a man that was standing right aside of the gate, he approach me

  • Welcome, welcome my name is Suke and I’m in charge of welcoming every one
  • Oh, you got me by surprise
  • That usually happens any way if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them
  • Well just one, I’m looking for a man name Alec, does he live here?
  • Alec? You mean the elder blacksmith?. Yeah he does live here, but I haven’t seen him
  • Well at least, I now know he’s here, do you know where he is?
  • He’s probably in the workshop, just take the left stairway in the middle of town
  • Ok thanks

I started to walk rapidly to the middle of the town, I finally found a leadand I was excited, but I stop when Suke call for me

  • Hey wait!! I almost forgot if you wanted to register for the festival go to the guild hall
  • Festival??
  • You didn’t come for that… hmm, you’re the first one
  • Wait a minute what festival?
  • Every year there’s a great bird wyvern migration in this town, bird wyverns from all over the continent come here and stay for 3 weeks, most of the hunter here come for that
  • Bird wyvern migration? – I Thought for a minute- thanks for the info but I don’t think I´ll go to that
  • Well your loss, have a nice visit.

I left him and started to walk rapidly to the town center, there were people all over the town most of them hunters wearing all sort of armor

  • This migration must be big, I haven’t seen armor like this anywhere

When I finally got to the center, I was surprised to see how big it was, in front of me there were 3 stairs ways, the middle one lead to the mountain top, I saw when I got here, I didn’t see what was in the right one but I didn’t care. I started to run to the left one… to bad I didn’t see the guy that was coming out of one of the building. We hit and we both went down

  • Aaahh… my head
  • You stupid kid watch were the fuck you’re going!!!

Has he was getting up I noticed, he was huge, he was wearing a Barroth armor set, with a Killer’s Scythe great sword.

  • Sorry I didn’t see you

I said as I was standing up

  • Sorry doesn’t cut it!! Now thanks to you I dropped my beer!!

He said this as he pointed to a broken glass on the floor cover whit beer, he must have held it in his hand when we hit but I dint notice.

  • Now you’re going to pay!, and trust me after this your really be sorry

The man started to laugh as he was moving toward me. I stood still preparing for whatever he might do. A crowd started to form from all that’s happened

  • What´s the matter are you scared!!

He launched his attack throwing his fist at me, I manage to move slightly to the left to avoid his attack, he was too big and for that to slow as well, the man went forward and almost tripped, he didn’t even see me move. In his rage he tried to attack me with the carving knife that he had in his back, as I saw that I was preparing to bring out one of my dual blades… when someone in the crowd started to talk to us

  • Stop that right know!!

It was a young girl about 17 years old, same as me, she had a long silver color hair that fell to her shoulders, blue eyes and a bag in her hand

  • That’s enough!! There´s no fighting in this city!! If you two want to stay you’ll stop this right now

A group of city guards appear as they were telling everyone to “returned to their normal activities” and beginning to surround us. The man looked at me in anger

  • You got lucky this time kid, but next time I’ll finish you off

He then put away his knife and walked calmly in to the crowd; apparently this wasn’t his first street fight. As he left the girl walked to where I was

  • Are you ok? He didn’t hurt you did he?
  • No I’m ok, he didn’t get the chance to do anything
  • I’m glad, I need to apologize, he has a reputation of always getting into trouble
  • Yeah I could see that, what´s his problem anyway?
  • He thinks his the best hunter here; always treating everyone as if they were nothing – she looked down to her bag- oh, I’m sorry but I need to go
  • Sure, no problem
  • Well I hope you have a nice visit

She then turn around and started to walk in to the crowd but before disappearing she turn and looked at me

  • Oh by the way, welcome to the city

Then she just smile and left. At that point I was getting interested but the only thing I could do is just watch her walk away, I couldn’t do much anyway.

And so I continue walking, I got to the stairs and then the workshop, it was already started to get dark and it’s been a long day but it was worth it for this, just before knocking on the door I took a brief moment to breathe---I knocked on the door

  • Hello, anyone home??

… No response I tried again and again with the same results

  • I guess nobody´s home
  • Hey you there, what are you doing?

I turned around to see a man wearing some blacksmith clothes and with a few tools in his hands

  • Don’t you now the workshop is close during the festival?
  • You work here?
  • Yeah but I can’t help you the shop is close
  • No it’s not about that, I’m looking for someone name Alec I was told that he might be here
  • Alec? Hhmm you just missed him
  • What do you mean I just missed him?
  • He left the city about an hour ago, and no he didn’t tell anyone where he was going
  • Damn it, he didn’t tell you when he was coming back?
  • About a month I think
  • A MONTH!!??

I couldn’t believe it, I went all this way to try and find him and just when I get close … everything just falls.

  • You ok?
  • Yeah I’ll be fine, just give me time, anyway, thanks for your help

I walk down the stairs slowly still thinking about it, the only choice I have is to stay here but I didn’t have any zennys to stay in a room, the only thing I can do is camp outside the city

I keep going down the stairs

  • if I’m going to stay here I´ll need something´s done

I started to plan everything. The next morning I would go to take some quest to past the time and get more zennys to stay in a room and buy everything I need to go hunting, I couldn’t do much else

  • but this is all for tomorrow, for now I’ll have to camp

After reaching the gate I walked dip in to the forest until I reached an opened zone with a tree in the middle I could see everything from all direction so there would not be any surprise monster attacks. I went to the tree and started a fire, I put mi swords on the ground and then I laid back on the tree to rest for a while. I couldn’t fall asleep completely but I couldn’t help it, soon after I fell asleep but this time there was no dream, at first I thought I could get a good sleep for the first time in a long time, but the trust is I didn’t give it enough time so I could dream.

the howling dark

I woke up a few minutes later to the sounds of my stomach rumbling, I haven’t eaten all day and I wouldn’t do much tomorrow if I didn’t eat, so I grabbed my dual swords and started moving, I remember seeing a river near here, that could be a good place to hunt, so I went there.

After a few minutes of waking I could see the river from a hill that was connected to it. I was in luck, there was a lonely Aptonoth drinking from the water

  • this will do

I moved quietly throw the trees getting closer to the herbivore until I was in striking distance, I withdrew my swords when suddenly the Aptonoth felt something; he looked to all direction and then run to the forest. I didn’t know what happened, it didn’t see me and there was nothing else there… suddenly some strange sound were coming from behind me, I turned around but didn’t react fast enough, whatever it was it hit me and we both fall to the side of the river.

When I hit the ground, I moved quickly to withdraw my blade, I moved closely to the shape, when I got closer to it I could see what it was

  • A human?? Who the…

When I saw it closely I knew who it was, the same girl from this afternoon, she was cover in dirt and had blood coming from her left arm

  • What is she doing here?- I thought to my self
  • Aahhh…
  • Hey, are you ok?

I help her get up

  • What did I hit…?
  • Me, come on get up, can you walk?
  • We can’t stay here, it was right behind me!
  • Hey calm down, what was chasing you?
  • I don’t know, I haven’t seen something like that before, but we can’t stand here we need to move NOW!

A strange sound was coming from the woods when she said that, I didn’t know what it was but it sounded like… a howl

  • It already here

A great shape came flying out of the trees and landed on the shore of the lake, as the moon light hit it I could see the creature completely, it was an enormous white wolf with saber teeth, and with a blonde and slightly red Mohawk running down its back, it stood tall were it was, looking at us with surprise, it didn’t expect to see me, but it knew who his prey was, she look at the girl with anger and charge at her.

The attack was fast, she try to move but it was too late, the creature was already were she was at. She covered her eyes and awaited the strike… but didn’t felt anything. As she opened her eyes, she saw me hitting the creature in the abdomen as it tried to attack.

The impulse sent us flying, I managed to land on my feet while trying to stop me from sliding, the creature didn’t manage to stop in time, he hit the ground with immense speed and started to roll on till he stop. I turned to the girl to see if she was fine and then turned to the creature, he started to get up as it looked at me.

I charge at the creature with my dual blades in hand as I got close to it I attack but didn’t manage to hit it, he had jump in the air and landed a few meters behind me, he then charge at me with immense speed, I hold my ground to try and counter, it raised its paw and tried to hit me with its claws but didn’t manage to, I roll to the left of him and hit him a few times before baking up a little.

The creature shouted in pain, it then reacted and move back as well, the wound wasn’t dip but a lot of blood was coming from it, this apparently did not affect him, he stood his ground and move its head back, as if it was charging something, he move his head forward with great force lunching a huge ball of air directly at me. I reacted just in time, I roll to the side and watched the ball go in to the river, when it hit, it form a tower of water, I was surprise to see the force of the attack, if I got hit with that I wouldn’t be able to stand after. I was carless at that moment; I stop paying attentions to the creature and left myself open for an attack, it came with a great speed and attack with his claws, he impact sent me flaying a few meters directly into a tree, the armor absorbed most of the attack but I still felt its raw power, once I hit a pain was flowing all over my body, I even cough up blood.

I managed to get up, in spite of the pain, and watch the creature circle me around, it carefully watching me. I couldn’t move much, any move that I did would end in an attack by him, so I only had one choice…stand my ground and try to counter. In that moment time change, one second felt like an hour as I waited for the attack. A few minutes later the creature finally charge with great speed, I waited for him to be closer and I charged as well, we met and he attack, he jump and tried to pin me down, I saw this coming that’s why I charged, I used the impulse that I had to slide under him, once I was behind him I turned around and run to him, the creature turned but didn’t see my attack coming. I managed to make multiples hit, every hit sent the creature back a little until he was cornered in the same tree I was. My sword were cover in blood and so was the ground around us, the creature didn’t have much energy left, I could see this as he started to drool, I was also tired. The creature made one last effort to try and attack, he charge-jumped at me. I saw this and smile.

  • … I won

Just as he was falling I made an upward vertical slash that cut him throw the chest and the right eye, he lost his balance and landed behind me crying in pain until he fell in silence.

I fell to my knees, the fight was hard and I almost couldn’t move, I pull myself together and got up, I started to walk to were the girl was to see if she was all right, she hadn’t move and she wasn’t moving at all . I didn’t know what to think at that moment, I got close to check if she was okay

  • She just fainted

I was relived but I needed to move fast, her wound was still open and I couldn’t afford to lose more time, I couldn’t do much there, I gave her a potions to try to stabilize her

  • That will do for now but she won’t wake up soon, I’ll have to carry her back to camp I just hope I don’t get attack on the way

I lifted her up and carry her, but this wasn’t going to be an easy task. Just as I was starting to walk, I heard sound behind me, I turn and reacted in fear … the creature was still alive. It stood were it landed, cover in blood and looking at me directly. I was vulnerable and wide opened for an attack.

It took small steps towards me and for every step it took I move back, it knew I could run, until I couldn’t move back any more. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t think much and anything I could come up with would end up in an attack. It came closer, suddenly its started to change, this was it. It came closer with great speed, it raised its paw and he attacked. I closed my eyes and awaited the upcoming blow… but … I didn’t felt anything. I open my eyes and saw the creature directly in front of me completely still, it started to move its head in all direction as if he was looking for something, suddenly it strange howl appeared in the distance. The creature lifted its head and howled as wel, looking at me one last timel before running into the wood

… I couldn’t believe it, I survived. I stood there still thinking what had happened… A few moments later I pulled myself together. I still needed to treat the girls wound, so I started to walk to the camp.

The whole trip back was quiet. We reached the camp and put her on the ground, at that point the arm was almost completely cover in blood. I needed to act fast, I grabbed my last potion and put some of it over the wound,

  • that will clean the wound, though I needed to put pressure on it.

I saw a few healing herbs near the tree, I grabbed them and put them on the wound, I removed the arm part of my armor and remove one of the sleeves from my shirt, with that I tied it around the wound and put enough pressure to stop bleeding

  • this will do

I was relived, I moved back and landed on the ground to try and rest a little before taking the girl back to the city, a few moments later I got up and watched the girl, she was lucky, if I had taken longer to treat the wound she would have died, I was even surprise she lasted so long.

I lifted her and carried her back to the city, we got there 12 minutes later. The city was dark and there was nowhere around, I could see a few light in the distance, but that was it, apparently they were looking for her. I spotted a bench near one of the buildings

  • that will be a good place as any

I walked to it and left her there, I was trying to think why she was out there, but I thought I would find out some other time. I walked by the gate and backed to the woods. A few minutes after leaving the town I looked up to the dark sky wandering just one thing

  • what was that thing…

the start of everything

I woke up the next morning with the sun light in my face, I must have fallen asleep when I got to the camp last night. I got up feeling a small pain throughout my body, the fight from last night still hunted my mind, I couldn’t find any explanation for a beast like that to be here. my thoughts turned to hunger, with all that happened last night I dint get the chance to hunt for food, and the idea of starting a hunt without eating would end in a tragedy, lucky for me the kelby always come out in the morning to eat, so finding food know would be easy. After a small hunt and a few minutes of eating, I was ready to continue. The walk back to the city dint take as long as the otters, I didn’t know if it was because it was day or I had become used to it but I didn’t give much importance, I got to the city feeling exited, it’s been a long time since my last official hunt, and I dint even knew what would I hunt. I got up the stairs and reach the entrance gate, I was surprise when I saw the city nothing had change but everything was different, the city was almost empty compared with the previous night

  • welcome back young hunter - said Suko as he approached me – it appears you didn’t sing for the festival
  • I told you I wasn’t interested
  • True, but you never know
  • What happened to here, the city look looks… empty
  • The festival started, most of the people you saw yesterday were hunters
  • I didn’t think the city would change so much in just one night
  • Just goes to show you how things can change so fast
  • you have no idea

I left him and walked slowly in to the center of town thinking of the words he said, change was always a part of me I never stood in the same place for too long, my travels Thoth me to adjust fast to my environment, that was why staying here for so long may me feel uneasy. Without realizing I reach the center of town looking at the mountain in the same place I was yesterday, the image didn’t ceases to amaze me, I could see at plane site the gild hall it was just up the left stare way, if I would have continue going up the stairs from the workshop yesterday I would have seen it. I continued walking, now up the stairs, until I finally reach the guild hall, the building sat in the middle of a flat area of the mountain, there was no one around and I started to doubt that the place was even open. I opened the doors and walked right in, ones inside I looked around to see a great number of tables each in between a pillar that supported the structure, there weren’t many hunter and the few that were there weren’t high level, I could tell by their armor, at the other site of the room was the desk counter, in it were two young girls each wearing the same uniform but with a different color

  • Hello and welcome to the guild hall – said a young girl with the same uniform as the others as she approach me – it’s your first time here right?
  • Yeah, I’m new in town
  • I could tell, not many people were that armor here
  • I can see that, most here don’t appeared to have left this zone - I said as I looked around the rooms
  • That’s because most here aren’t THAT experience, most of the hunter went to the festival, that’s the biggest thing in this town and it not something for beginners. Anyway, why don’t you take a sit someone will attend you in a moment
  • Very well thanks

I move to one of the corners of the room, and sat at a table that had no one. I needed to prepare everything for the quest, so I put my supplies in the table to see what I had

5 healing herb 10 whetstones

4 throwing knife 1 shook trap

3 rare stakes 1 well done stake

  • "sigh" it’s not much but it will have to do

I put them away and began to wait. Time past and more hunter were coming and going none of them had anything special, but understand why I had heard many stories of this place, the zone around kotoro dint have many high level monsters except for a few special exceptions, but there was always a mystery about this place, no one never knows what can you find here. At that moment I lost my self in my thoughts, thinking of everything that I would do in the upcoming quest, strategies, movements, attacks and most importantly, the monster itself… when something familiar interrupted my thoughts, the voice of a man who I did not want to see The front doors opened with force, the sounds of the doors filled the entire room. Three persons in armor enter, two of them were wearing classic lagiacrus armor, one was a long sword user the other bowgun, the third one was wearing a Barroth that I already knew, it was the same guy from yesterday

  • Bring us your best wine!!! – said the man in the barroth armor as he and the two other men walk to one of the tables in the middle of the hall – for the greatest hunter of this town!!!!

This was just my luck, I tried to keep a low profile so he didn’t see me and for the moment, he didn’t. The three men sat down at the table, the other hunters appeared to be afraid of them, everyone near then started to move. the three began to talk and laugh about something I couldn’t hear. I tried not to pay much attention to them, and try and focus on the quest, when something happened.

  • Hey there sweetheart, why don’t you come here and be with a real man - said as the man grab the hand of one of the waitress that were serving them
  • Sir what are you doing !?
  • Come on, this is your chance to be with the best hunter

The girl was afraid and she dint know what to do, she manage to get loss of him but she fell backwards in the process. The man got up and look at her while she was on the floor

  • Oohh your feisty, I like that – he said as he grabbed her by the hand and lifted her off the floor – this will be a pretty good night
  • Please sir stop this! – she said as she was started crying
  • YES cry that will make so much sweater!!

I can take this anymore.

  • That’s enough!! – I said as I was standing behind the man

The man turned but didn’t get the chance to see me. I had move behind him without anyone noticing

  • What the hell…

I put my arm around his neck and pull him down in to the flour in the opposite direction he was facing, he hit with great force and not yet realizing what was happening, the other two men were as shock as he was, the girl also fell

  • Are you ok? – I said to the girl.
  • Y-y-yes…
  • Who the hell do you think you are!?!? – he said as he was starting to get up – DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?!?
  • I don’t care who you are but I won’t stand for this

The man was enrage looking at me as he was trying to figure out who I was. I could see it in his face he was going to go berserk any minute

  • You’re going to pay for that, kid, but don’t worry al finish fast !

The man lunch his attack throwing his fist at me with a blind rage, I hold my ground and defended the blow, he move back and took some time to recover, I saw this as my opportunity. I moved rapidly in front of him without giving him any chance to react or to counter, in a matter of seconds I hit him three times in the stomach, I dint do much damage because of the armor but the man moved back from the impact. I dint gave him any change to do anything at that point, I move again this time giving him one hit in the chin with the palm of my hand. This made him move back even more and this time I knew I made some damage, he put his hand on his jaw and then looked at the blood that was comig from his mouth. He looked up, now even more angry, and yell in to the air following this with a charge

  • I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!! – said has he was pulling his great sword from his back with one hand

I hold my ground and awaited him. he stop right in front of me and using the force of the charge to swing the sword... at that moment some scream.