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Here are some armors for the monsters I've made so far, up first...

Somonaga armor


gathering -1, strength +4, cold res. -2, guts +2

Peaceful blade

defense 38. 1 slot. each item

thunder res. -3

ice res. -2

fire res. 0

water res. +2

dragon res. +1

somonaga helm= chin spikex1, med monster bonex3, disk stonex2, iron orex1. " A helm made of somonaga material. The spike on its left side shows off some inner demons behind a peaceful exterior".

somonaga gloves= somonaga hidex4, somonaga clawx2, velvety hidex2. "Long sleek gloves, the combination of somonaga and gigi materials gives users a strange feeling".

somonaga vest= somonaga hidex6, anteka peltx2, queropeco featherx6. "With tranquil fur mane and beutiful pressed feathers, show how cruel you can really be".

somonaga shorts= somonaga hidex1, bnahabra shellx3 "Easy to make and comfortable, the bnahabra shell makes it glisten"

somonaga greaves= machalite orex8, somonaga hidex4, congalala hidex3. "by combining the spirit of two powerful pelagus, these let users sprint by harnessing their inner rage".

raging gun

defense 19. 2 slots. each item

fire res. +1

water res. +3

thunder res. -2

ice res.0

dragon res. +2

somonaga cap "the glass over the eye increse acuraccy, the spike on the right side lets others know the secrets of your anger".

somonaga guards " the spike has been flattened with immense force to make the guard"

somonaga plate "the pile of fur on the right side nearly covers your arm".

somonaga cloth "proof that you to killed the "raging gentleman". '

somonaga leggings "peaceful yet devestating footwear for great speed".