Lava Dragon
Lava dragon
English Name: Lava Dragon
Nicknames: Lava Lord
Titles: "Third Trial"
Japanese Name: ドラゴン溶岩
Description & Information
Type of Monster: Unknown
Element: Fire
Secondary Status'
Fireblight,Heavy Fireblight
Weakest to: Water & Ice
Habitats: Old Volcano
Other monster in relation: Obsidian Dragon
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter RPG

The Lava Dragon is an extremely rare Dragon that is Almost never seen due to the Fact that it lives on the Volcanic Bottom Areas.


Not Many Attacks are Known but the list of the Known attacks is here bellow

Tail Cut: With its Really hot tail its cuts the Hunter

Body Hit: Hits the hunter with its body putting him to the ground and burning him to ashes.

Drop Information

Lava Dragon
Item Name Rare Description Rate
Lava Hide 5 N/A N/A
Lava Chunk 7 N/A N/A