Monster Hunter Legends
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Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Monster Hunter Legends
Author/s: User:TigrexJeff
User:Plexioth- xD
First Debut: 12th of April 2010
Number of Chapters: 63
Current Status: Ongoing

The Tigrex Samurai
Knights of the Tundra
The Tigrex's Rage
Requiem of Fire
The Grand Trio
Rathalos Red
Fates Legend
The Guardian
Hunters of Valor

Secrets Shaded Black

Monster Hunter Legends: Prologue

Author: TigrexJeff

Date Started: 12 April 2010
Date Finished: 12 April 2010

MHL - Prologue

In the old times, when humans lived alongside monsters, there was no war and no bloodshed. The humans appointed warriors to protect them and speak on behalf of the monsters. This worked, for a time – until the balance was destroyed. A human child was killed by a monster, a Rathalos so it seemed. That was when the monsters were hunted down, and their true ferocity shone. Many of the humans died in the first assault as they forced the monsters into the harsh country, but it was a victory nonetheless. None objected to what had happened – when they saw the terrible power that the monsters held, they were more than happy to fight to survive. But tensions rose between the hunters and the Monster Warriors, those who where appointed to defend and learn from the monsters, and the Warriors were shunned and exiled for not forewarning the people of the monsters power.

Many of the Warriors fled into the wild and tried to once again approach the monsters as they had. Many of those that tried died. But the wisest and most powerful of them, retreated to their own people and lived amongst them teaching the ways of the monster. Hundreds of years passed, and many clans died out. The old Fire wyvern Knights were taken over by the Hunter's Guild in their first recruitment wave, whilst smaller clans such as those that followed the Elder Dragons where promised a better option, to pass on their knowledge so that new hunters could track down and kill the dangerous Elder Dragons.

But those that survived the monarchy of the Guild went on to become famed clans, respected by hunters of all lands. Those that survived are known as the Grand Trio, those that follow the strongest of wyverns, and fight like them – the first, the moving clan of the Tigrex Samurai. Following the Tigrex's food path from the desert to the mountains, they are the most relentless of hunters. The second most famed, the Nargacuga Clan of the Great Forest. Hiding themselves in the trees of the forest, they watch the Nargacuga with all its stealth. And the third, and last of the Grand Trio the mighty Barioth Knights. They secluded themselves in the freezing tundra, learning to survive the cold and endure like the mighty Barioth.

It was in this Trio that the last of the Monster Warriors where hidden, until the time came when they where needed to fight once again.

MHL Timeline

Year 1 - Fates Legend
Year 171 - Rathalos Red
Year 173 - Requiem of Fire
Year 183 - Knights of the Tundra
Year 197 - Secrets Shaded Black
Year 198 - The Tigrex Samurai
Year 208 - The Tigrex's Rage
Year 208 - The Guardian
Year 210 - The Grand Trio
Year 210 - Hunters of Valor