I created these natural locations..

i made it on Paint program..

  • a place that is wet, with a large not so deep river area
  • a cavern from underground, full of rocks, and 2 large sandy area from below, 2 small springs
  • a plain natural location 1 water part and 1 area that is full of trees
  • a natural location that always rain morning and night,
  • a ruined place where my created elder dragon is living inside, full of ballistas and cannon
  • a forest that is quite fog at morning and very foggy at night
  • a 1 mountain area with full of coniferous forest and water area where in the morning it is quite cold and at night it is frozen up
  • a place that is not use for training, a rampaging bird wyvern lives here
1. wetland

2. underground cavern

3. savannah

4.rain forest


6.foggy forest

7.coniferous forest

8. coliseum