Name: Keshu Shirukuma

Class: Huvamemelius (Hoo-Va-Ma-Mee-Lee-Us) (new class)

Rank: High Rank

Nicknames: Keshu, Shiru, APB (Atomic Polar Bear)

Titles: The Toxic in the Snow, Toxic Toungue, The Paralyzing Polar Bear

Elements: Ice

Ailments: Defense down, Fatigue, Ice Blight, Frozen (new ailment), Paralysis

Weakest to: Fire on Stinger (Cutting), Thunder on head (Impact) and Fire on back (Shell)

Habitats: Snowy Mountain, Glacier, Tundra


The Keshu Shirukuma is a Polar Bear-liked monster with wings. It comes from a class of flying egg-laying mammals. Its tail reassembles a scorpions and it has a tongue with a hole in the end. It can convert undigested food into toxic and shoot it through the hole. Usually, its tongue appears shorter than 1mm, but it can stretch up to 100m, it can also widen the hole on its tongue. It also has a horn 3 times longer than that of a Monoblos. Its claws are longer than that of a Congalala. It may have a mouth but it only uses it to roar and breathe ice, but it uses its tongue to eat. The ailment its tongue inflicts depend on how strong the saliva is, like is its in droplets it will inflict a weak defense down, but if its sprayed, then it can inflict defense down and fatigue at the same time. They usually prey on Blangoes, Giaprey, Giadrome, Baggi, Great Baggi and Giggi but are sometimes seen attacking the mighty Tigrex and even the Deviljho, though they mostly lose, if they win, then they will eat the Tigrex and/or Deviljho. The stinger at the end of the tail can detach and also cause paralysis. Once the stinger is detached, it won't die like Honeybees, instead, another one will emerge from the hole in the tail, until today, it is still unknown how this is done, but it is believed everytime it grows up, another stinger will spawn in a special sac in its body and the older it gets, the more stingers it will have. It appears its fur are barbs and the Keshu can lauch them.


Attack Name Damage Description Evasive Maenuver Counter
Droplet Flight Minor Damage if saliva/toxic is touched The Keshu will fly around the area, dropping toxin saliva. If the saliva is touched, defense down will be inflicted. Avoid the droplets and the Keshu's shadow. Attack the tail when it hovers down.
Dropping Droplets Medium-Low if attacked by tongue, Minor Damage if attacked by saliva. The Keshu will attack like the Red Khezu's neck swing, except it swings its tongue instead and will inflict defense down. Stay behind the Keshu. While behind it, attack the Keshu's tail.
Toxin Spray Medium The Keshu will spray some toxin saliva like the Blangonga's ice breath and inflicts defense down and fatigue. Again, stay behind the Keshu. Attack the tail while behind it
Ice Spray Medium, causes frozen and Iceblight The Keshu will raise its head then breathe ice at you similar to the Blangonga. Stay behind the Keshu. Attack the tail while behind it.
Stinger Stab Medium-High, inflicts paralysis The Keshu lifts one leg up and stamps while stabbing its tail on the ground. It will struggle to pull its tail out of the ground and when it does, the stinger will be detached and will drop a shiny (Keshu Stinger), but this is extremely rare. Stay away from the tail. Attack its tail while its struggling.
Tail Spin Medium-Low, may inflict paralysis if tail not severed. The Keshu does a tail spin. Keep your distance between you and the tail. There is no way to counter this attack. If using an LS, do the fading slash.
Bite Medium-Low from mouth and Low from tail. The Keshu raises its head bites, the tail can also do damage. Keep away from the head and tail. Attack its sides.
Tongue Smack Medium, items may get stolen. Minor Damage if from tail. The Keshu does a Tongue Smack similar to that of a Chameleos, except that it does it 3 times instead of 2. Stay behind of the Keshu. You may attack the tail, but that will still cause damage, so its better to attack the sides.
Tongue Suck Medium, this attack is a Pin attack The Keshu raises its head while curling its tongue and launches its tongue at you. If the attack succeeds, it will pin you, if it fails then the tonge will be stuck to the ground and it will struggle to get its tongue free. Keep running till it launches its tongue. If the attack fails, then simutainously attack its tongue, if the tongue collides with a Shock Trap, the Keshu will suck in the electricity; causing it to be paralized.
Charge Medium The Keshu will lower its head then do a Blos style charge, to stop, it will jump and slide. Unlike other Blos style charges, the slide won't do any damage. Stay at the sides of the Keshu. Attack it while its preparing and slideing.
Horn Charge Medium if attacked by charge, Medium high is by horn and Medium low if by ice. The Keshu will lower its head again but lower and longer this time and then will do a charge while shoving its horn through the ground, instead of sliding, the Keshu does an uppercut to stop. After doing the uppercut, chunks of ice will be sent flying. Stay farther from the Keshu. Attack the tail while its doing the uppercut and while its preparing.
Barb Launch Medium-Low The Keshu will charge and send barbs flying everywhere around 1m Stay away from the barbs There is no way to counter this.


Carve Location Chance
Keshu BrbedHide (Keshu Barbed Hide) Body 70%
Keshu Brb-Fur (Keshu Barb-Fur) Body 69%
Keshu Horn Body, via Breaking Horn

Body: 55%

Break: 99%

Keshu Claw Body, via Breaking Claws

Body: 60%


FlxiblKshuTounge (Flexible Keshu Tongue) Body 10%
Keshu Tail Body, Tail

Body: 49%

Tail: 70%

KeshuStngr (Keshu Stinger) Body, Tail, Shiny (note that it will rarely have a shiny)

Body: 5%


Shiny: 100%