Queen Bnahabra
English Name: Queen Bnahabra
Nicknames: x
Titles: Royal Stinger
Japanese Name: クイーンブナハブラ
Description & Information
Type of Monster: Neopteron
Element: x
Secondary Status'
Paralyze and Defense Down
Weakest to: Fire
Habitats: Forests
Other monster in relation: Bnahabra
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter RPG

The Queen Bnahabra is the leader of a Bnahabra nest. In appearance, she looks similar to the average Bnahabra but a dark blue color instead of the average red, and she is significantly larger. Her wings are also much longer and slightly transparent, yet rainbow-colored. She has a large stinger on her tail that can paralyze a Hunter if stung, and it can also shoot an acid that can lower your defense.


Drop Information

Queen Bnahabra
Item Name Rare Description Rate
Bnahabra Wing ? N/A N/A
Queen's Needle ? N/A N/A