Queen Shakalaka
English Name: Queen Shakalaka
Nicknames: Empress
Titles: The Strange Masked Empress
Japanese Name: クィーンチャチャブー
Description & Information
Type of Monster: Lynian
Element: Fire and Thunder
Secondary Status'
Weakest to: Ice
Habitats: Shakalaka Den
Other monster in relation: Shakalaka & King Shakalaka
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter RPG

Queen Shakalaka is the female leader of the Shakalaka tribe. Much more important to the Shakalaka than their own king, they follow her every command. However, despite any orders she gives, she is not allowed to leave their den. Mostly she fixes and makes masks for other Shakalaka, doing so has improved her wit and made her incredibly crafty, not to mention strong.


Drop Information

Queen Shakalaka
Item Name Rare Description Rate
Mask Shard ? N/A N/A