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Sangista (Yellow Spike Raptor) is of the raptor family and stands a few centimetres taller than a man. It's back, head and tail are covered in long thin spikes that are sharp and very deadly. The bears a red crest on it's head that it uses for dominance and mating purposes.

Sangista live in forests, and prey on large herbivores in packs. A sangista's pack consits of one dominant sangista and many juvinille forms of this creature known as Sangars. With intelligence and weaponry they can take down dangerous prey and may even tackle Torpavis if desperate for food.

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Strong bite; Sangista rears back then slams forward snapping it's jaws round un-suspecting animals.

Quick snap; Sangista quickly snaps at the hunter. This bite is twice as fast as Sangista's strong bite but is half as powerful.

Body Check; Sangista lowers it's head turns slightly to the side and pushes forward, sinking it's shoulder spines into the hunter. The is Sangista's most dangerous attack.

180 degree tail swipe; Sangista swings it's tail round in an attempt to catch it's prey offguard.

Short charge; Sangista runs at the hunter for a short amount of time, snapping it's jaws repeatedly in the process.

Jump; Sangista jumps towards the hunter, attempting to hit the hunter with the whole of it's body.

Claw Swipe; Sangista rears back before slumping foward while stretching it's arms out and clawing at the opponent.

Call; Sangista calls two extra Sangars for help, will only do this when drooling.