The Savvana(サバンナ) is an area first seen in Monster Hunter Fanon.

The Savvana is a giant landscape filled with many natural wonders. Its variety ranges from large flat areas of lush grass and canopy, to dark water filled canyons and even treacherous rocky peaks. This area serves the same purpose as the Forest and Hills and Deserted islands: Being that it is environmentally stable and teeming with enough variety to help the up-and-coming hunters prepare for the harsher aspects of the world. Area 13 is said to flood every night as the rain water from up high drains down into the lower areas. Leviathans, Wyverns, Pelagus and even Dragons are said to inhabit the Savvana due to its stable environment and abundance of herbivores.

Common resources

Herbs: herbs, sap plants, cactus flowers, dobidcus, savvanh long grass (unique item), fire herb

Berry: paint berries,

Mushrooms: nitroshroom, toadstool, blue mushroom, special mushroom, chaos mushroom, death cap (unique item)

'Ores:' iron ore, earth crystal, stoen disk stone, machalite ore, dragonite ore, ancient fossil (unique item)



Upper Rank only:

Veggie Elder

Location: Area 4

Exchange items:

Receive items:



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