Thetrueblade 10:05, January 12, 2012 (UTC)Chapter 1: Arrival Brings Trouble

My name is Mark Stallone but every one calls me Niko after my father, i was born and raised in Moga Forest and became a famous hunter there by getting rid of an earthquake problem caused by a Ceadeus living in an underwater cavern under the island. I've finally arrived in the town Ukoren a town located close to the great desert. Upon arrival i am greeted by an old man who tells me he's the Chief of this town.

Chief: I'm so glad you've finally showed up, we've been having some trouble lately with a group of ioprey who've been terrorizing this town, I want you to go out in the desert and slay them, there's about 10 in number and there being lead by an iodrome who's bigger than any other one i've seen. If you can do this for me I'll glady reward you, and then I'll show you around. We've had sent a local out there but we haven't seen her for a few hours now and i'm fear something bad has happened to her, so if you see hear please tell her to come back home, her name is lola.

Niko: Sure thing. I'll tell her to come back here. And i'll take care of the Loprey problem for ya.

Chief: Oh thank you so much. Oh and i almost forgot bring me something to prove you've defeated this menace. Where its at is a twenty minute walk.

Niko: No problem.

So im off on my way to the desert when i get the rock-covered hill i hear something that makes me dash onto the other side of the hill, and then i see the hunter the chief had told me about and she's fighting off the group of Loprey with Dual Swords. And then it hit me, I see ioprey but wheres the iodrome? As just as i thought that, an ioprey turns and see's me standing there and than runs and jumps at me. But thanks to my sharply tuned reflexs i've acquired over the years i instinctly move a little to the side and grab the ioprey and throw it at one ioprey who was about to jump on Lola. She quickly looked to her right and saw the ioprey flying right at the other ioprey, and then almost instinctly looked to her left and saw me.

Lola: Who are you?

Niko: I'm the hunter the chief sent for. He told me there was a problem with some Loprey and a big Lodrome.

Lola: Well good thing you've showed up just when you did, i guess daddy got you to come here in a hurry.

Niko: The chief's your dad?

Lola: Yes. Now that that's out of the way do you mind helping me.

Niko: I'm coming.

The battle go's on for a minute and once all the Loprey were dead, the Lodrome decided to come out, and when he saw the corpses of his brethren and saw us he let out a screeching roar.

Lola: Get ready.

Niko: He has no idea what he's in for.

The Lodrome run's towards Lola but he doesn't see me coming from the side and i get him with a quick upwards slash knocking him on his back.

Lola: That's a pretty handy Great Sword.

Niko: Thanks.

Lola runs towards the Lodrome than she jumps in the air and lands on the Lodromes head driving her Dual Swords in his head.

Niko: Wow. Now for tha matter at hand. Your dad wants something to prove this Drome won't be teroorizing the village again.

I walk towards the slain Drome and chop his head off and put in a sac.

Me and Lola start walking towards the village.

Niko: How did you get into hunting?

Lola: Oneday when i was 12 i was attacked by a jaggi while playing around the topsized tree over there, i was so scared that i was gonna die but i forgot my dad was with me, he'd jumped on top of the jaggi with Dual Swords stabbing it in the back, the same one's that i have right now. These used to be his back in the day when he used to be a hunter.

Niko: Must have been tough for you to see that.

Lola: not actually i've seen stuff like that before. Ok, now you how did you get into hunting?

Niko: When i was 10, We had a Great Sword hanging above the fireplace, that used to be my dad's when he was a hunter, i was always fascinated with it. One night my dad told me do you like that Great Sword, and i said yes, so he took it off the wall and said this used to be mine when i was hunter, and i said wow, can you teach me to be a hunter?! And he took me outside and put the Great Sword on the ground and then he said tell you what if you can lift this up I'll teach all that i know about being a hunter. And so i did, and then he smiled, and said looks like you'll become a hunter, we'll start your training in the morning ok? and i said Why not now?! Then he said alright. As you could see i was enthusiastic about i was. Then in 5 years, there was an air balloon and a chief from a town near a volcano he asked my dad if he could help get rid of a some big monster that was terrorizing their village so my dad said yeah i'll help out. Then i asked my dad if i could come with him, he said sure but stay out of sight from the monster. Once we got to the valcano we had went inside the tunnel leading to where the beast slept, than i had hid behind a big rock, the battle went on, my dad had slashed at the monsters face and left a scar on his left eye, then the beast struck my dad with its heat beam, and killed my dad and then it left. Once it left i went to my dad and stayed there for a few minutes, i swore i could hear voices telling me to run. So i grabed his Great Sword and ran to the chief and told him what happened. And then we went home. Then i swore to my dad i would track down that beast and kill it for him.

Lola: I'm so sorry about your dad, is that Great Sword all you have left of him?

Niko: yes, but [ patting the Great Sword on my back ] i'll always have him with me.

Lola: Is that Great Sword on your back your fathers?

Niko: The very same one im gonna use to kill the beast that killed my dad.

Lola: Would mind if i came with you to kill that beast?

Niko: Sure, but once we get there, go somewhere safe in the valcano and watch, I'd like to fight it by myself.

We had finally reached the village gate. And we saw the entire town standing at the gate.

Chief: Oh thank you kin hunter for bringing my daughter home to me!

Niko: It was nothing. I'll help out anytime.

Lola: Daddy!

Chief: Oh my sweet Lola, are your hurt, no dad just abit tired. come lets get you to bed. Oh and hunter i forgot to ask but what is your name?

Niko: Mark Stallone but everyone calls me Niko because i look allot like my father.

Chief: Tell me Niko, was your fathers name Niko Stallone?

Niko: Yes, did you know him?

Chief: Yes i did, i was his old hunting buddy back in the day. One day i got a fractured leg and your father helped me get back home. And that same day i became Chief of this town. And i'm sorry to say that i was the same chief that got your father a 10 years later to come to the volcano to kill the Triablos.

Niko: So is the Triablos still in that volcano?

Chief: Yes he's very much still alive.

Niko: Where's the volcano?

Chief: Im sorry to say i promissed your mother i wouldn't tell you unless you've proved yourself worthy to fight such a beast.

Niko: I'm ready!

Chief: No your not, even though you killed that Ceadeus back home, your still not ready to fight the Triablos he's much tougher than that Elder Dragon.

Chief: I'll tell you where the volcano is once you've helped out more around here, I'll tell you whats next in the morning, but first here's your pay. Now first your tour of the town.

We walked for 20 minutes, he had showed me where the fisher lady was, the guilds booth, the market girl, the Black smith was, and where i'd be staying.

Chief: All right go home and get some sleep and in the morning i'll have some stuff for you today.

Niko: Ok.

So i went to my house and quickly fell asleep.

Thetrueblade 10:05, January 12, 2012 (UTC)Chapter 2: A New Day

I awake at 10 in the morning to the sound of knocking on my door. I go to the door and open it and there's a basket full of fruit. And there's a tag on it that says I wanted to say thank you for saving me the other day, from Lola.

Then i say to my self how nice.

I put on my Charmed Vangis Greaves, Mail, Vambraces and i grab my Great Sword, and walk to the chiefs house, i knock on the door the chief walks out.

Chief: Ok first to is to go to the forest and chop down some trees and bring back the fire wood, then there's been a sighting of a tropeco i'd like you to go take care of before it becomes a problem now i know you've dealed with them beofre so it shouldn't be much of a problem, then i'd like you to go to the bog folks been telling me there's some weird looking monster there.

Niko: I'll be back berfore you know it.

So im on my to the forest to chop some wood once i had finished chopping the wood down with my Great Sword i hear a roar i turn around and see the Tropeco charging towards me, i quickly rolled to the side doging his attack, then i charge him and strike with a quick uppercut slash slitting snout in two, then he let out an ear splitting screech, as im trying to get my hearing back he smacks me in the chest with his tail knocking me back.

Lola: Morning daddy, where's Niko?

Chief: I've sent him to do a few odd jobs for me.

Local Man: Chief you got to go see this!

Lola: What is it?

Chief: What is it?

Local Man: It's that new hunter he's fighting this big bird-like thing well not really fighting it but toying with it.

Chief: Well lets go have a look see

So the Chief, Lola, and the Local Man go to the forest where i'm fighting the tropeco.

As soon as they get there I'm charging the Tropeco with my Great Sword in blocking position and rammed it into a tree, then i back up a few feet then charge again but this time with my Great Sword sticking straight out in front of me, then in the next 5 seconds. My Great Sword peirces it's chest, now it lets an out whimpering yelp before i twist my Great Sword that's lodged in his chest and then i pull it out.

The Chief and the Local Man are standing there clapping.

Chief: Good show.

Lola: Looks like you can handle your own.

Niko: You'd be surprised what i can handle by myself.

Chief: That's right Lola NIko here killed an Elder Dragon by himself back in Moga.

Lola: Is that so, what was the Elder Dragon called?

Niko: It was called a Ceadeus. Well looks like the woods chopped and Tropeco problem is takin care of, now for that mystery beast you where talking about. Lola would you like to go on a hunt with me?

Lola: Let me go get my gear.

Niko: Alright i'll see you at the bog.

Lola: Ok.

While Lola rushes home to get her gear, i talk to the Chief, and the Local Man.

Niko: You know that the stuff you carve off that Tropeco are valuable for selling or making weapons and armor.

Local Man: Thanks for the tip, i'l make sure to do that.

Chief: Yeah i know. Remember i used to be a hunter too.

NIko: Yeah, we'll im off, see ya later.

Once me and Lola get to the bog, we see no sign of the mystery beast, but then i see some rocks in the mud shaped like an arrow head, and from expeirence i knew the mystery beast was a Barroth.

Niko: I know what the mystery beast is.

Lola: Really? What is it?

Niko: It's called a Barroth. You see those rocks in the mud over there shaped like an arrow head?

Lola: Yes, why?

Niko: That's the top of the Barroths ridge on its head.

Niko: Here's a few pointers fighing it. Once it get's out of the mud it lets out a roar, and once it angles itself back and up in the air means it's going to charge and when it stops it's gonna do an uppercut with its head and smack anything with its tail, and once it starts shaking rapidly giant blobs of mud will fly off it and land on anything making them slower.

Lola: Alright lets do this thing!

Niko: I like your enthusiasm, cover your ears!

Lola: Ok.

I threw a sonic bomb right over top of the Barroth then.....

[ Tink! ]

Barroth: rrrraaagghh! It starts to violently shaking. After a few seconds of repeated strikes the Barroth breaks free and climbs out of the ground.

Lola had made two incisions on the Barroths arms cutting right threw the mud armor. Then i had gone for the left legg with a sideways slash followed by a quick stab of my Great Sword breaks the mud and leaves a gash. The Barroth fell on his side from pain flailing to get back.

Niko: Go for the tail!

Lola: Gotcha!

We both head for the tail Lola strikes with a spinning mid-air slash then i go for a sideways slash followed by an uppercut slash. Lola's attack broke the mud and my attack severed the tail. The Barroth finally got up and charged knocking Lola down it's tail stub catching me at the side knocking me by the severed tail. The Barroth standing over Lola about to smash it's head onto her.

I quickly get up as this makes real angry and puts me into a fit of rage, i start to try to pick up the Barroth's tail i slowly lift it Lola turns and see's me in quite shock and i tap into an inner strength i never seen before as i pick up the tail and i throw it at the Barroth, the severed tail then smacks the Barroth upside the face knocking it on the ground, as soon as it falls to the ground i charge straight at its chest Great Sword out in front of me. In an instant i my Great Sword peirced a lung i quickly pull out my Great Sword and rush to Lola, to leave the Barroth gasping for air and bleeding out fast.

Niko: Are you all right?

Lola: Yes! That was amazing!

Niko: I better get you home. Can you walk?

Lola: I think so. [ As she struggles to get up, i quickly pick her up and quicky run to carry her home on my shoulders. ]

Niko: I'm sorry i should have never brought you along.

Lola: No it's not your fault.

Niko: No it is i knew exactly what he was gonna do once he got up.

Lola: It was a freak of nature you had no idea what it was gonna do.

Once we reached the village gate it's night time. I rush her to her house and put her down on her bed.

Chief: Whats wrong?

Niko: We where fighting the Barroth and it knocked her into the air and she hit the ground pretty hard.

Chief: Are you ok my Lola are you all right?

Lola: I'm fine daddy, it's just a bit hard to walk after the fight so Niko carried me here.

Chief: Well thank you Niko for making sure she was safe and for saving her life!

Niko: Please, it was nothing i would have did it for anyone.

Chief: Go home Niko get some rest.

Niko: Alright Chief.

So i'm walking in my home to my bed and i pass out. NIko: The Barroth tail stub did more to me than i thought..... ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Lola: Daddy, you had to see it, when the Barroth was about to slam it's head on me, Niko lifted it's severed tail with ease and threw it at the Barroth like it was weightless!

Chief: Hmmmm. I'll speak to him in the morning but first get some rest my darling let your wounds heal.

Lola: Ok daddy, i love you.

Chief: I love you too my angel.

Thetrueblade 10:05, January 12, 2012 (UTC)Chapter 3: The Beast Inside

Around 9 in the morning i awake. How i could i live with myself if she got hurt again, i couldn't, so when she ask's me again i'll tell her no, but i couldn't hurt her feelings. Aaarrraaggghh, this is so confusing i shouldn't feel for her but i do.

[ knock knock ]

Niko: Who could that be?

I open the door and there's the Chief.

Chief: Niko can i talk to you inside?

Niko: Sure.

So me and the Chief to go the table and sit down.

Chief: Tell me Niko what month where you born?

Niko: May.

Chief: Hmmm. You know that's the month of the Flying Wyverns?

Niko: Yeah, my father told me all about that when he was training me to be a hunter.

Chief: And did he tell you that a select few chosen by the spirits of past monsters would obtain their strength's, their speed, and their abilities?

Niko: No he didn't.

Chief: We'lll since your were born in the month of the Flying Wyverns and Brute Wyverns i think you might be one of the select few to have their ability's, since yesterday you picked up that severed Barroth's tail like it was nothing and threw it at him. The only way to activate these abilities is to go through an extreme amount of rage or if you become like the hunters of old you'll end up learning to control your abilities with out rage but you'll be able to activate them, come talk to me after that i'm gonna try and figure out which Flying Wyvern's abilities you have.

Chief: Now today's task's are your gonna have to go to the desert there's been sightings of a Diablos it's a more evolved form of a Triablos but not as strong, then go to river and take care of a Royal Ludroth that's been eating the fishermen's daily catch.

Niko: Is that all?

Chief: Yep, that's all.

Niko: Ok, i'll be back later.

I put on my armor and grab my great sword and leave the house with the chief.

Chief: I think Lola was looking for you, you should go look for her.

I'm walking towards the gate expecting to see Lola but she's no where in sight, then i start to think she's either still home sleeping or..... F*** i rush towards the desert thinking she went out to fight the Diablos and she did when i arrive i see she is surviving but she's not doing well. The Diablos charges her i get in front of her my great sword in blocking position Diablos hit's my great sword pushing me back a few feet.

Niko: What would you do with out me.

Lola: Nice to see you too.

The Diablos see's me but ignores me to attack Lola who was injured, as it lift's it's massive head over Lola i run to the tail but it trick's me and turns and chrage's me into a rock wall, i fall onto the ground knocked out cold, the Diablos walks over to her lifting it's head to smash onto Lola, Lola quickly blocks with her Dual Swords.

Lola: [ screaming ] Niko wake up! Niko!

In my dark mind i see a Deviljho that disappears and an Akantor that appears but then disappears, im hearin a faint noise that sounds like screaming..... but who is screaming? Then i realize it's Lola screaming! But what is she saying?.... [ Lola's faint voice in distance ] Niko wake up! Niko!......[ I yell to myself in my mind ] Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! The the Deviljho and Akantor reappear but in rage mode, after seeing them i come to my sense's. I open my eye's quickly and when i stand up notice my armor's cracked and the jho skin is glowing red as my blood boils and my eye's are glowing red too and that my muscle's are swelling with rage i hear a loud thump and it's the Diablos smashing it's head into Lola's Dual Swords... then i feel the beast inside take over as i let out a terrifying roar as similar and as loud to an Akator's..... the Diablos stops attacking Lola and turns it's attention to me as Lola is covering her ears from the sound of it. The Diablos start's to charge and for some reason so do i, Lola's looks over towards me in shock and awe, and a few yards near the Diablos i leap into the air ramming head first into the Diablos's head then i corkscrew out of the Diablos path as it wobblly step's back in pain from the headbutt collision, which i then take the opportunity jump onto its right wing and snap a bone out of place which tears part of the wing's skin so it could not fly away the injured Diablos wobble's another step back, then i rush it and closeline it's left leg's knee snaping it backwards as it's in a similar position as bowing down i jump onto its head.... then the Diablos with all it's strength flings me up in the air but when i was at thirty feet in the air as it's trying to get back up, i do a backflip in mid-air then i lift my leg's up and fall onto the vulnerable part of its neck, kneeing it in back of the throat, the Diablos falls back on the ground, i then climb around to its face, i then punch it in the eye as it then vilently trys to shake me off i climb back to its back of the neck, i rap my arms arounds it's neck slowly suffocating it but just as it's about to close it's eye's i snap it's neck. I run towards the shocked Lola.

Niko: You alright?

Lola: Yes that was, that was amazing, you didn't even look like yourself it's like you where a completely different monster!