Nicknames: Torpavious
Titles: The quropeco clone
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Woodland Forest
Other monsters in Relation: Quropeco
Elements: None
Ailments: Attack down
Weaknesses: Unknown
Signature move: Flight slam
Creator: Portdeck
CRE Torpavis-0e6c05ee ful

A lone torpavis majestically striding, in search of prey

Torpavis (Spitting Bird) is a bird wyvern that resides in The Woodland Forest. It has grey skin, a slightly hooked red striped beak, red feathers and green wings.

Torpavis, unlike many bird wyverns, is in fact a terrible flyer due to the food it eats. Even though they release chemicals that affect balace organs in torpavis, it gorges itself on insects, and occasionally small rodents. It stops these creatures in their tracks by using it's toxic spit that reduces the attack power of a human, but kills insects.

Torpavis is a very weak boss monster, with it's attacks being weak and few in number. It is hunted easily and efficently and, for experienced hunters, is a very irritating creature to come across while fighting another.

Attacks: Peck bite; Torpavis snaps down three times at a hunter.

Charge; Torpavis jogs towards the hunter knocking him or her over if they don't evade.

180 degree spin; Torpavis spins round, using it's long tail as a weapon to try and catch others off guard.

Spit; Torpavis spits a toxic liquid that reduces the attack power of a hunter.

Flight Slam; Torpavis beats it's wings, takes flight, then falls straight back to the ground, crushing any creature underneath. This is torpavis' most powerful attack.